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Low rating, now no more orders. What Should I do?

After my first order received a low rating, now I can’t use BR and haven’t gotten orders on my gigs either. I updated the descriptions and prices, and even uploaded better Gig images. Now I don’t know what to do next.


I can now please anyone help

I don’t understand what you mean…?

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My personal opinion.

I checked your Fiverr profile. You got 3 start something. New account and low rating It will be so hard journey for you.

Now you can delete your Fiverr account and create a new account.

You can follow step:

  • use low competitor gig title
  • create eye-catching gig thumbnail
  • use tag
  • share your gig on social media 3 times a day
  • send quality-full buyer request daily 10.

Thank you


Yeah he’s right . :smiley:

NO, he cannot just “delete this account and create a new one”.

Maybe you should read the TOS before giving bad advice that could have this guy with NO Fiverr account.

How many Fiverr accounts have you had?

No, he is not right. Take a seat and observe so you can learn how this site works.