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Low rating; seeking assistance


All right, folks. Here’s the story.

I have a writing gig, and I’m new. You know how it goes; I’m maxing out on my buyer requests daily, optimizing my gig description, occasionally posting on social media, and sending custom orders.

It worked well. I got my first order for an excellent $20. Then a second, which earned me a lovely 5-star review and a promise of future orders. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, and I was set for some appetizing virtual paydays.

Then came the third buyer. Now, it must be understood that this third buyer was rather unreasonable. Halfway through the deal, she began complaining about the work I had sent her, and demanded rewrites and extra words. End deal? A 5,000 word short novel in ONE WEEK.

I was going to have trouble with that, but I needed to maintain my rating, so I humbly requested an extra week. I was promptly declined.

Long story short, I was unable to deliver more than 2,000 words by the week’s end and received a 1-star review. Now my rating is 2.5 and I need a 90% buyer rating to send more buyer requests.

I can’t get orders without sending requests, and I need to up my rating with orders so I can. Frankly, I’m in a bit of a paradox; has my account effectively been shut down?

I await your assistance, dear experienced sellers.


Did you use the resolution button to request that she change her review?

When this happened all you could have reasonably done is cancel her order. This was an impossible situation as you describe it.

I don’t have any knowledge of how you can rectify this now, but someone else might have some ideas.


I know I should have canceled it, but somehow I wasn’t seriously considering it. I was hoping she would ignore the deadline or give me some last minute time(I realize how that sounds, but I was desperate for orders). I’ll try with the resolution button, though. All the same, if that doesn’t work I’m pretty much screwed.


So bad to hear. Your third buyer has just made a wall to your good starting. See, what happens next. Wishing you a good luck.