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Low respond percents

I do not know guys how to explain this but my response rate every day is lower and lower even if I respond in two or three hours maximum.
Do you have some suggesting, explanation or similar experience regarding this?


You should contact Customer Support about this, because it might be a bug (there is a known bug with response rates going down for no apparent reason) - I experienced the decrease in percentage as a consequence of that bug, and CS can quickly refresh your dashboard to make it reflect the correct percentage.


Thank you Woofy31 very much

Same here. My response rate is decreasing day by day. :worried:

I try to contact CS but there is an option for seller to chose the category of any problem. When I chose Report a bug, then the next option is about the Order. :confused:

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:smile::unamused: This could be funny if it is not so serious. My rate this morning was 98% and when I came back it was 88%. I am writing to CS. If they tell me something relevant I will share with you guys.

Yup… my response rate was 100%, then 80%… 65%… now 50%. I respond within 30 min.


Hi,have u got any positive response from the C’s.

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No but I sent it now we will wait

Same here. My response rate is also fluctuating.

What a bummer! Contact support immediately.
They’ll fix it in no-time.

Choice option account!

Guys, I want to inform you and kindly suggest you that you double check your messages including those if you bought something and you did not respond to some of your sellers even if your order is closed.
Maybe someone suggested you something and you did not notice.
That is it.