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Low Results and the new Promoted Gigs

Not just me, but happen with other people that realized less orders and messages… and the reason can be the new feature “Promoted Gigs”, we can’t confirm yet, but you know probrably to get more orders you will need to learn how to Promote it and spend more money.

Will this new feature affect the organic results? What all of you think?


Every day for past 10 years you have 10-30 people on forum complaining they have less orders and messages. Especially now during quarantine when Fiverr is filled with sellers and buyers are decreased.

Naturally. It supposes to. That is why you buy promote my gig.

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Promoted poop is still poop at the end of the day. My mother taught me to stop worrying about things i have no control over and start focusing on the things I do.


This topic is to talk about it, is different now we have a Promoted Gigs, that is a little strange because you are not promoting a product… we are promoting something that will be created as we sell our services.

According to their help page it shouldn’t:

Is it possible to have both my organic Gig and my Promoted Gig displayed on the same page?

Yes, your organic position isn’t affected by your Promoted Gigs activity.

Apart from it showing the organic results after/below the promoted results.