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Low Sales and No Feedback

I’m new to fiverr. I’ve been looking around the forums to find ways to get my gig exposed to more people. I don’t have a big presence on social media. Don’t have many friends. A bit shy… I keep to myself a lot. I was hesitating on posting this thread. I was thinking about using fiverr to help advertise my gig but I don’t have any money to spend on advertising. It’s truly a lose-lose situation here.

I only had 3 sales since the beginning of April. I was thinking about making more videos but I’m not sure that will help. Seems like I get one sale every 2 weeks. :confused: By this rate, I’ll never reach Level 1 since I need 10 sales in a month to get there. There’s so much competition here, without investing in marketing or knowing a lot of people you won’t have much chances on making a decent income.

The last customer I got didn’t give me any feedback and today is the third day that I’m still waiting for the order to be completed. Then I have to wait another 2 weeks to get payment. That’s 17 days to get 3.92. That’s crazy! I kindly asked for feedback in the delivery. I don’t want to ask again because I don’t want to harass the buyer. I gave the buyer extra videos. I’m wondering what went wrong.

I’m very sad and I would like to continue on fiverr but I’m not sure if I should. :confused:


Hi and welcome. Here’s some light reading.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Yeah… I don’t want to sound rude but just because I’m new it doesn’t mean I didn’t read anything on how fiverr works. I’ve been reading lots of material on the forums, websites, blogs, several fiverr focused ebooks, and much more. I have a video, optimized my tags, description, communicated and gave extras to the 3 customers I had. It’s frustrating that’s why I posted in the rant section. I feel like I’m doing all that I can with what I have and it’s not enough. I think marketing is a serious problem for me. Plus there’s a lot of competition in my niche. I’m not optimistic this will out in the long run.

Hi, I do writing and editing and I do not market or advertise my gig. However, I still get at LEAST 1 order a day. I reached over 50 sales during my first month. So, I’d say I have some knowledge in what it takes to get gigs.

I looked at your gigs and they are VERY specific. I understand why you have to be specific, however, I believe that’s part of the problem. If you’re only offering those two designs, you are cutting off SOOOO many buyers. This is because their products or websites or whatever it is they want a video of, would not fit within those styles of introduction. Yes, they look great, but it doesn’t mean they FIT with what they’re trying to market.

What I suggest is creating a video intro gig that provides a wider range of style. If you’re as good in video creating and editing as you think, you could create different things to fit the needs of buyers.

Also, you could create extras with your gig. I know you don’t have the option to create extras, but in your description, you could say something like “for another $5 order, I will add 10 more words of text of your choosing with the introduction.” Or something like that, whatever you think is fair.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that your intros are about 7 to 8 seconds long, but only consist of one thing- the name/title of company or whatever. Most videos marketing a business or product are very limited in time because the longer the video is, the more they have to pay to broadcast it. I suggest if you want to keep the 7 seconds, add more into it. That way they get more information in the video within the 7 seconds than just the title/name.

Also, I’ve never gotten negative reviews, but I don’t always get positive reviews from buyers. I’d like more positive reviews of course, but if they don’t give you feedback after you’ve asked them one time, I’d suggest not to ask again because the feedback you might get might be a thumbs down. I’d rather take no feedback than a thumbs down.

Also, try branching out into a like a 10 to 20 second marketing video that is not just introduction, but actually a whole entire marketing video. Of course you’ll have to charge more but buyers will be willing to pay if you do good work.

Reply to @rowbee: There a lot of intros that have less information in the video. I checked… Many just have one word and that’s it. That one word is usually the business name. I said in the gig that I can place any text. That’s not “VERY” specific as you put it. Why the caps? I never placed any limits on the text. Where did you see that? Both of my gigs are very flexible. My last order had more than the website and link. A lot of people only offer one type of video intro. What you see is what you get and that’s it. I am offering two intros in one gig. Two different color interpretations which can be customized with different text.

My second gig I offer a lot more color styles (more gig options) and the length is 15 seconds. I haven’t received any sales for that one. I don’t think length is the problem. I disagree that my video is lacking in style but that’s my opinion and maybe others see it how you see it. :frowning: However… I never said I was so great at making videos (If you’re as good in video creating and editing as you “think”), I love to make videos and have experience but I can’t do every single thing imaginable with video editing. I wish I could… Every day is a new learning experience. I do agree that maybe the first gig might need to be longer but I seriously don’t like the tone in your reply.

Reply to @introvideogal: I was going to send you a pdf that has helped me become a top rated seller but you have it set so people cant message you.

@introvideogal Well, good luck on Fiverr. I think you’re going to need it. After reading your response to @rowbee, I went back and scrutinized her post again, trying to find the snark you seem to find in it. If it’s there, I can’t see it. She gave you a thoughtfully-written post with a number of very good suggestions. Even if you didn’t agree with her tips, the least you could have done was say ‘thanks for your time’. And you just blew off @voiceoverwork, who is a Top Rated Seller with much good experience. I’m not sure what it is you’re looking for…why you posted on the forum. Fiverr members aren’t miracle workers. We can only offer some advice on selling gigs, not fix a pessimistic attitude or treat shyness.

If you think that there’s nothing wrong with your gigs as you have them, then don’t change anything and live with the results.

If you don’t have the means to pay for your own advertising, then don’t. I doubt any but a very few pay for personal advertising, anyway.

If you only have a small social media presence, then make an effort to expand it. Or don’t. Whatever you want to do. And accept the results of your choice.

If it bothers you not to get feedback on all your sales, get used to it, because that’s the reality for all of us. I have about 65% feedback, which is good. And that’s what you have.

If you think you’re the only seller who started slowly on Fiverr, you’re not.

If you don’t like how Fiverr’s revenue process works, only you can decide whether or not to stay. It was written in the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up.

If you decide to stay on Fiverr, good luck. The only advice I have for you, which you are free to ignore or diss or accept, is to grow a thicker skin. You prickled at perceived criticisms of your gigs. How will you deal with a buyer who doesn’t like his video? Since you say you’ve been reading the forums, then you must realize the chances are good that this will happen one day.

Reply to @introvideogal:

I’m sorry if you took my reply the wrong way. I was in no means criticizing or trying to offend you. Merely providing feedback. I took time in looking at your gigs and gave you advice, if you don’t want to accept it, that’s fine. Btw, I wasn’t saying you aren’t good. But I don’t know your talent, you do. All I can see are your videos & the descriptions.

Like @eddycloyd said, no one can message. How are buyers supposed to ask questions about potential orders if they can’t talk to you?

Wow. I know this is the Ranting Pot. But instead of saying nothing at all, you lash out against others trying to help or encourage you. Many very helpful suggestions and not a thank you in sight. “I don’t want to sound rude…” Actually you do, you did, and you know it. The least you could do is own it.

Reply to @celticmoon: I mentioned that I agreed that the videos should be longer. I took the criticism to heart. What I didn’t like was the caps there was no need for that. I always thought that caps were screaming or being offensive, a bad thing. I would post a link that stands by my comments but I don’t think I can link to outside sources. When someone repeatedly uses caps that’s not a good thing, to me. The person criticized the gigs saying they were specific but I was being flexible and I responded to that. I didn’t get any feedback eventually from the buyer but oh well. I can handle negative feedback if it’s justified. All I was saying is the caps are unnecessary. I’m going to put up more gigs. Believe me, I do have a thick skin. I do appreciate your feedback. I believe you were being very helpful. I just started reading another ebook where its mentioned that I don’t need to spend lots of money on marketing.

I didn’t blow off the top seller. I mentioned in the first sentences that I’ve been reading the forums on information about fiverr and more. Most of the post he linked to I already read. To me, it felt like that he was treating like I was new but wasn’t informed. But… that’s just my opinion. I wasn’t being rude but since it appears that way, then I apologize.

Regarding the funds, I guess that’s just something I have to live with since I do want to succeed here. Thanks for the good luck and encouragement. And not using caps… :slight_smile:

Reply to @eddycloyd: Oh ok, thanks so much eddycloyd. I will change it immediately.

Reply to @cheezees: I own up to every thing I say in life. In my opinion, I was not intentionally being rude. If someone took offense then I will apologize. I did not lash against anyone. I expressed my feelings about the reply. I was little upset because I mentioned in the first sentence that I have been reading the forums and learning. Most of the links he provided, I read and immediately saw while lurking the forums. I also mentioned several things that I am doing to help the situation. Those several things were listed in most of the links he provided. To me it felt like when someone tells you to do something that you are already doing.

For the second reply, the person was being a bit rude with the caps. It felt somewhat offensive to me. That’s how I felt about it and responded. No one used caps in this thread, except for her. What was wrong in telling her that I didn’t like the caps? What if I did that to you? How would you feel about that? Would you respond? Even after that, I also mentioned that I liked her idea about making the first gig longer. I dissected everything she said and explained what I was doing and was not doing. How is that rude? I agreed with her but I was upset with the caps and mentioned it.

Reply to @rowbee: You were being rude and I thought that was wrong and responded. I did not use caps in my reply, you did. I took offense to that tone in your message. That’s how it came across to me. There’s no need for caps. I wasn’t ignorant to your feedback despite the tone it came across. I agreed with you that the first gig needs to be longer but I didn’t think length was a problem. My second gig has your suggested length. I based my reply from your suggested length. I was replying to everything you said. If didn’t care, I wouldn’t have analyzed what you saw in your review. I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t receive messages from other members. I am trying to change that now. I thought I could receive messages from anyone. That’s definitely something I want to fix.

@introvideogal Apparently you don’t understand the ALL CAPS ACROSS THE BREADTH OF THE SENTENCE OR PARAGRAPH is understood to be shouting. And capitalizing a single word merely denotes EMPHASIS. Another option is to bold the word being stressed, but not everyone knows or uses html.

But did you really think she was “shouting” two words at you out of the entire post? Oh, pardon me, THREE words. < - not shouting

Anyway, we obviously have done nothing but tell you things you already know. Maybe there’s a forum around here with smarter people.