Low Sales In December? Here's what I'm doing instead


So December of 2017 for me hasn’t been good at all for business.

Usually, by this time in past months, I would have gotten to about 50% of my set goals for the month.

Now orders are down, views, impression etc you name it.
At some point, I felt very unhappy due to the way things were going. Then It occurred to me to come to the forum for help.

So I looked up what several sellers had gone through in the past and I was encouraged - since I wasn’t the only one in this boat after all.

So rather than feel bad and sorry for myself I decided to take the back seat and restructure myself, my work, and my processes.

I know you guys must be saying,
“Hey, Mike why don’t you create more gigs and take advantage of the yuletide season?”

I get it and trust me, I know that already.

However, I’ve decided to stick to the former and get super ready for January of 2018.

In Conclusion,

I keep an open mind that not getting sales at all in December isn’t a bad thing after all if it allows you to challenge yourself and come up with “a better version of yourself” and “a better version of your product and services”


Well said.Yes many sellers has this issue.but Jan 2018 is coming soon :slight_smile:


I like your Positivism.

I am waiting for Jan as well.


I am facing the same issue. The sales are down but I am preparing for a busy January 2018. :slight_smile:


Well said! Every seller should relax and take it easy this month. Don’t stress about it if you get lower sales than usually. It will pick up again next month and you will feel happy again :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your kind words.


You are not alone :slight_smile: