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Low sales in December


Hi There,

I’ve seen many sellers on this Forum, complaining about not getting sales in December. Well, you shouldn’t worry, i’m facing this problem too. I was receiving almost 2-3 orders per day! But since 1 week ago not getting orders. Why?

As you guys know that now a days people are celebrating Black Friday, Cyber Monday types of Holidays. December is a month of Holidays. Also the Christmas will take place on 25th December which means all of us would be celebrating CHRISTMAS!!!

Due to Holidays, people dont really focus on work. The’re busy in shopping! :wink::joy::rofl::money_mouth_face:

So, no need to Worry. Be ready for 2018, Be ready for the bunch of orders! :slight_smile:

Hope this topic will take you out of stress.


Reason for Slow Sales?

My first 4 months on Fiverr started in October and I pushed hard through January. Fiverr had more momentum through the holidays than I had ever seen in my experience before.

Reasons customers might spend money in December:

Preparing for a product launch on January 1st.

Spending remaining 2017 Budget money before January 1st.

I have 1 customer that batch orders in December. She wants to take January, February and March off. So she prepares all her media in December for automation.


Yes you’re right but my post title is ‘‘Low sales in December’’ not ‘‘No sales in December’’. Otherwise, i definitely agree with you that many people launch their product in the starting of Year and they want the work to be done in December.


According to my calendar, as I’m writing this, it’s November.

This Fiverrcast episode may be of interest:

So I have that and then I have another notebook where I literally track for every single day of the week how many orders I received that day and the reason I do that is because I can basically say, OK, today is Tuesday. Today I normally get about 35 orders but today, I’ve only gotten 22 orders. I can go back through and look at all of my Tuesdays and see when like – when that trend occurred and it’s basically a way for me to keep on track and not drive myself crazy by seeing whether or not I’m getting more orders than normal or less orders than normal.

I can kind of go through and look at a representative trend. I’m personally very into seeing how I’m performing on a day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year basis. So yeah, paper, pencil, that’s me. I’m really dull. So Adam, what do you do?

Adam: So I have two elements to mine. I have the tracking of revenues like you’re doing. Then I have the tracking of orders live so to speak. So for the tracking of revenues, what I actually do is each month I go to the revenues page and I export, usually export via CSV the amount cleared inside the previous month.

Then I put that into an Excel spreadsheet, count it all up and get the summary and then I basically – I don’t cross-reference that from the month before because I understand that there are different trends throughout different times of the year. Like January is normally quieter for me than November, et cetera.

The bottom line is that different categories have different peaks and valleys throughout the year. The way you market your gigs may also affect your conversions.


During December I focus on clients who own E-Commerce (Shopify/Amaozn/eBay/own site) give them Pinterest promotions, etc.

Basically shift the market to people who provide shopping or shopping experience (i.e. recommendations). This can boost your sales up!


But everyone’s passion is not Promotions :wink:


True. What I was saying is to look at market that will actually do business. There are enough people who are working in December and are NOT on holiday. Focus on those. Also, expand your geographies - target countries like Thailand, India, where Christmas is not a big event.


Yes, agree with you but my post title is “Low sales in December” not "No sales in December. Otherwise, you’re right.


Are you asking about previous Decembers or the 2017 one that hasn’t happened yet? :wink:


Really? I know 2017 December hasn’t came yet but you already know that sellers fall into stress if they don’t receive orders for 3 days. So, that’s why i created this topic. Sellers can experience low sales in December because it’s the month of Holidays. 80% people will be busy in shopping! :wink::smile:

November, slow month for sale at graphic design?

Fabulous - now if you could just use your ‘I can see into the future’ skills to pick next week’s lottery numbers please, that would be great. :wink:

I’m really sorry but I can’t see the point in yet another thread about something which is in the future, and may or may not happen. All it does is cause people to worry when they may well have nothing to worry about.


You can check forum about low sales in December or November. That’s why i created this topic that no need to worry. UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN always happens and also in Life.


yes… i am not the only one, you were not the only, everybody does…


If you want to be successful, “promotions” will have to become your passion.

You’re in business. Learn to grow your gigs as if they were a business. If you fail to treat your freelance work like a business, if you choose not to take advantage of marking and promotion, then you you will probably fail here on Fiverr.

You WILL have to do hard work in order to succeed.


Is that true outside of America? I read that Black Friday hasn’t been successful in Europe. How much shopping are people doing?

Besides, a lot of people go on vacation in August and yet August was my best month this year.


Yeah, people celebrate it, whole world.


I was just thinking his message in another way. However, promotion is the most important thing :slight_smile:


It’s interesting that even countries without Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrate Black Friday. Here in America, you’re usually free on Thursday and if you’re lucky, free on Friday as well.

You need to be free on Friday if you’re gonna stand in line outside the stores. Me? I’m too impatient for that.


Is It Really True ? :smile:
I Think Its Not. :sunglasses:


Yeah, it is. Just search on the forum about Low sales in December or November. Because it’s month of Holidays and sales stay low. Many sellers are worried about that why don’t they get orders in December or November. So, i created this Topic :slight_smile: