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Low sales in December


Who knows about the future!! Still feeling so bad that i am not getting work properly last month


For me December is the same as the other 11 month regarding to sales.


Your future is made by you not by luck. If you just sit there and wait for orders then will you get any orders? No!! You’ll definitely blame your luck but the truth is that there is no luck. you have to make your own :slight_smile:


Thanks for this information


Yes, You’re right! Low sales in December Not “No Sales in december”


happy to see your post,




Unfortunately very year on december is the month with less sales for me also.


Here’s a tip - please stop spamming! :slightly_smiling_face:


good for new seller and very helpful


for the last 2 weeks i’m 0 orders, on the rest of the year the less i made its $1k so its a lot of stress this days


@bjbravo even though you are a TRS, so nothing to talk about us. I’m very confident about myself even i did’t get any orders this month. because everyone in the same boat. :rowing_man: :grinning:


I agree. My sales have been low as well. Folks are not focused on anything for their business unless they are selling something and want to offer a promotion or getting ready for a new launch around Jan 1 for the new year. I just take this time to enjoy family & friends and I budget earlier in the year so I can enjoy the later portion.


Thanks… I face this problem in December.