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Low sales in July

It is August now and i experiencied the worst month in over 3 years (July), i feel like fiverr site updates are damaging sales i did found fiverr has become less popular according to alexa and now i am getting worried about this situation, is it just me or July was very low for sales? . i hope it will improve

Are you experiencing the same?

It’s probably because most people are on holiday at this time. Don’t worry too much, things will pick back up.

According to that chart on Alexa it went from 450 to 575 for July and bounced back to where it was. Do not go by that. First it’s not terribly accurate, and second that is not a huge change and was temporary. It’s normal for sales to vary month to month for all sellers.

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No i didn’t anything like that in July, I got Brilliant sales in july because I’m new member on fiverr and I joined In June and I’m Level One seller:)
Don’y worry about it this is temporary you need to continue your struggle:)

It’s most likely just a temporary thing. Things like this happen from time to time when you freelance. If you are worried about Fiverr sales going down(or the site ranking going down) then you can always create your own website promoting yourself and driving traffic to your gigs to see if that helps out with your sales. Also, some people join other freelancing sites to make money from all over the net. You’d have to look around and see what site would fit for you.