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Low sales since Mid of February

Hello everyone! Anybody is facing low sales since Mid of February! My all gigs are almost dead after Mid of February and having 0 sales since then! Anybody else?

P.S: I optimized my gigs and tried everything but all in vain :frowning:


i’m also faced same …2 weeks no sales


May be its happened during evolution time at fiverr .I’m not sure .but same thing happened with me


I don’t know for sure but in my case because of losing a chance of upgrade my level, i’m afraid to take challenging projects now a days.

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If you haven’t marketed and promote your gigs, that you haven’t “tried everything”. What are you doing to bring in your own customers?

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Well, I have the same situation like yours.
2 weeks have gone and no sales :frowning:


Me too, that’s why fiverr still no guarantee (Only Money Back Guarantee for buyers) for ‘average sales’ and still feel miserable on this platform after all these years.


yes i also faced this but due to cancellations

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I am waiting for miracle to happen and my gig appears on first page! :stuck_out_tongue: I am not marketing at all.

Well then… I cannot help you. I cannot help someone who is not willing to help themselves.

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I cannot say it’s useless to marketing yourself to get sales but it’s irrelevant to get your gig appears on the first page.

I never do any marketing about my gig on fiverr. That’s why we will pay 20% to them and they marketing their brand in-order to get sales to us. That’s why I joined fiverr.

If you telling me we need to go marketing ourselves, paid for ads, then we also need pay 20% to fiverr, what’s the point we do fiverr then, why not we host a website ourselves and do all the things ourselves instead?

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Well, that’s not actually a promise that Fiverr makes. They don’t guarantee sales, nor do they take on the responsibility for providing sellers with sales. Fiverr merely provides space for freelancers to host their services, and categorizes all gigs within a public catalog of services (organized by an automatic algorithm that promotes top-performing gigs). Sellers provide 20% of all sales income to Fiverr in return for this hosting space.

Fiverr actively encourages sellers to do their own productive management of all user-hosted gigs, and encourages all sellers to market and promote their own services. Fiverr holds no responsibility for the sales success of any seller. That’s just not their responsibility.

That is certainly the alternative to working here on Fiverr. You are responsible for your own success, whether hosted here on Fiverr, or hosted on your own managed website. Fiverr clearly wants motivated sellers who are eager and willing to manage their own business efforts, rather than expect someone else to do it for them.


Fiverr used to guarantee for sales if your niche is demanded and have a nice gig page. It’s all depends on when you get sales. Some new seller 1 day get their sales without doing any marketing at all, some wait for months, some for year. It’s because fiverr is doing marketing for itself (not us!) and buyer get into the website and looking for their services! It’s still a 50/50 luck things.

Now it’s harder to get sales because fiverr become too competitive! They introduce the Pro seller which I think it’ should be on a separated domain, always messing with the ranking algorithm and never let us know how we can get a better exposure to our gig, a terribly buggy system and a very harsh demoted policies to it sellers.

Now they are looking for a product manager in US hope he/she will listen to us in the near future.


its totally in hand of editorial staff, we can’t change the position of gig

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don’t worry about it

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