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Low sales

Since last fiverr system changes, the sales are lowered dramatically, does anyone has experimented same thing?? i have now 10% of sales i used to have :(, im not sure if is system problem or maybe is only a bad season in general?

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Sometimes my sales are a little lower too. That just happens. There are several thing that might influence it, for example the position your gig is in the gig list. If it get’s lower, your sales drop.

I try to get as many repeat customers as possible, so I keep a steady stream of orders.

Don’t feel down, it will get up!

  • Mike

Hi I am facing the same problem :frowning: don’t know when my gigs be postioned correctly in gig categories

My sales are constantly fluctuating. It’s a little annoying but if you have repeat buyers you’ll still receive sales from them.

It’s all about how your gigs rank in Fiverr’s internal search engine. You probably have competitors that are taking up your business.

I went from a $300 month to a $5 month when I was getting started on fiverr. That wasn’t fun.

Same problem here.

same problem here :S

i am having the same issue after the last update :frowning: hopefully it ll get better soon

I’m sure it will get better.

Two sales in june, very low:(

yah sales have plummeted.

As a buyer that hasn’t been on fiverr in 6 months, these new prices people are charging has turned me off to fiverr.

(This is just what goes through my head, not busting on anybody) I see a service I want and then I see an asking price over $5. I blow them off. After looking for a few more minutes and I can’t find an asking price of $5, I blow off fiver.

I just happen to be a person that will do a little looking into a matter to see what is happening. But I am a rarity. Most people will not do this. I see people are charging a normal gig of $5, but add more fee’s for something else. I either get confused or pissed.

Think about it from me as a purchaser. I don’t know you, I can’t call you, your charging prices I can get locally. If I have an issue, there’s not much I can do.

The other turn off is now I am being charge a fee from fiverr for a purchase?!?! Really, your charging me to buy your stuff.

Too many negatives in a simple purchase.

Too many of us sellers selling the same item / service.