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Low Traffic on Fiverr since Last week ? [ARCHIVED]

Anyone feeling same ?

yes, i experienced the same. It’s still the time for summer vacation

Same here.

Yes me too…I don’t know what the problem is but hoping for good and doing my best to get the sales…

yes! i’m also facing this

Same here - it’s really strange, the drop for my was pretty big. I even contacted support to see if there was anything wrong with my gigs (it wasn’t). Other than that I didn’t get a definite answer to what’s going on… :confused:

Yes, i am also suffering this issue. Sales Or inquiry too many down. :frowning: But i am sure I will get lots of new orders soon and Fiverr fix this issue :slight_smile:

Same Here :frowning:

It’s the beginning of summer vacations! That explains the low traffic to me. Vacations, parents with kids off school, travelling, etc. September things will pick up again

mm yeh i think :slight_smile:

hmm… makes me wonder why I’m not also at the beach? :slight_smile:

I experienced this more in June - I agree with others. I think summer vacation is having an impact!

yes!That’s true largely i feel it :frowning:

When is the end of summer vacation?

haa haaa :smiley:

Yeah I noticed that a lot these months.

Yes, me too experience same! no enquiries, no orders, no traffic at all! :frowning:

i think by the end of August :slight_smile:

I hope this is the reason bcz my dashboard is empty too… last summer was not so bad like this year though.