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Lowballed custom offers from buyers

So I’m a newer seller (offering gigs in proofing/editing/rewriting of content), and I’ve gotten a couple of custom offers now that are ridiculously low. My lowest package for basic proofing is $5 and someone just asked me for a basic proofing gig and their budget was $3.85!! Like what?? You can’t do another $1.85? How common are lowballed custom offers like this? $3.85 (minus fiverr’s cut) is obviously not worth my time. I’m getting frustrated that buyers basically want a free service.

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They will come, sometimes daily, sometimes monthly, but they will come and always be there.

It is due to people thinking people who work on Fiverr are only people from certain countries and they will be happy even with 1$.

It doesn’t help that they (sellers) also come in large numbers on Fiverr from certain countries hoping to escape poverty but offer no valuable skill or service.

So you have low buyers meeting low sellers while the rest is trying to work normally.

Reply to them with quick reply so you do not have an issue with response time and block them.