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Lower rating, buyer request feature is deactivated, what to do now

As a newbie, i completed 3 orders but didnt ask for review, last customer ranked me with 1 star rating at the last date as he had already accepted my order without any concerns.
Now my buyer request feature is deactive and i cant get any further order.
should i delete my account and create new one using the same credentials and information.


You aren’t allowed to delete your account and make a new one due to a bad review. Even if you wanted to delete your account and start new, you would need to contact support first for approval.


It’s really unfortunate,

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is there any official way to bring my offline customers on fiverr?

That would be a Terms of Service violation.

And then what, create a new account every time you get a negative review?

Of course, you can ask them to make a Fiverr account and order through there. Just be sure not to mention reviews after they are on the platform.


You’re not supposed to mention feedback at all. It is optional, and they’re reminded 3 times by fiverr when the order is completed. This is still a TOS violation.


Really? can’t we use the words “feedback” or “review” while delivering an order?

If you type “asking for reviews” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the
subject which you may find interesting.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing feedback or reviews.

Best to leave it and move on.


It’s up to you if you wish to risk an account warning, but please don’t advise others to do it.


Don’t ask buyer for reviews. Fiverr will warn you or deactivate your profile

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