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Lower Service Charge for Tipping

I was just charged $2 for tipping $5. That really almost discouraged me from tipping but I did it because I was happy with the quality of the work. Please lower or get rid of this fee since you already charge up front!

There are some good reasons why the “fee” will not be lowered or done away with altogether.


From your usd 5 fiverr get usd 3 (2 for service charge, 1 from seller as all seller pay twenty percent) . seller get order revenue usd 4 (excluding transaction charge, withdrawal charge, annual reserve bank charge, electricity bill, maintenance bill, internet bill, buying work related software fees…)

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The tipping fee is annoying, but it’s necessary. Otherwise, unscrupulous buyers might try to undercut Fiverr by asking for their payment to be made in tips (aside from the minimum $7 needed to make the order). And if sellers’ tips were not charged the same 20% by Fiverr as the regular money they make, unscrupulous sellers would take the opportunity to ask their buyers to pay them in tips rather than regular payment, again undercutting Fiverr.

Hope this is clear.

It’s good for some reasons as @adamclaywebb explained but it should be lowered as seller is also charged 20%.

While I doubt it’ll ever be lowered, I thought only a percentage of the actual order cost could be added to a tip? Basically, if you want to charge a buyer $100 for a project, but they pay only $50 for and the rest for tips, only a certain percentage would be of the $50, meaning you still wouldn’t get the full other $50 unless they do another order.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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That is not a good explanation. I am charged a service charge on the order and then an additional service charge when I try and do a good thing for the seller.