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Lowering prices to increase sales

Hi, I do have a question, Is that true lowering price will increase the sale? Everybody has a different perspective. I just want to know how much think that it will work, According to my perspective, we should get what we deserve.


I have done it and I have gotten orders. But it will not be in perpetuity. Right now I need reviews, clients and experience on the platform. You are right. One should certainly get what they deserve and it can be hurtful (because some of the buyers know, and are quite manipulative).

It also depends on the job. I look at the effort required. Maybe I could earn revenue doing something else during that time. You have to weigh it.

At the end of the day, some of these jobs are so enriching/challenging that they provide a wealth of experience and knowledge which can leverage you for future opportunities.

Weigh it and do what feels right with each buyer request.

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I find I get more orders after I raise my prices. :thinking:

But as a new seller, I too had low prices for the reason that you mentioned.

Thank you @content_ed

@vickiespencer I saw your profile you are doing a great job now. :slight_smile:

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That’s interesting - The perceived value of buyers and sellers.

I guess ‘Test & Tweak’ (Sounds like a TV show title!) :smile:


I never lower my prices, instead I raise them every Fiverr anniversary. Come July, I give myself a pay raise.


No it’s a myth.

It may increase scams and it will also attract unscrupulous buyers. But he truth is that skilled buyers know they get what they pay for and they buy what they feel what will get them the best return.

Besides you know who else under charges? Like 90% of Fiverr users. It won’t make you stand out.