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Loyal castumer wants to send me gift for better collaboration, any advice?!

Hello… I have one loyal castumer who wants to collab with me in long term and he said that will send me(as gift) new microphone and interface for better collaboration(better quality). Any advices? I said that it is against the ruls

No you can’t accept such a gift. If he wants you to have those things he can give you a tip large enough for you to buy them yourself.


You can’t.

  1. You can only take transactions in the official routes.

  2. Taking this gift would require you to give your mailing address and to see his. This is also not allowed.

All of this is explained in the ToS.


Thank you for unswers. I thought the same and thats why I have wrote him it is against the ruls


Is this loyal customer someone who you have been working with for several weeks or months?

In either case, it is not allowed. However, you should also be very wary of any freelance client who wants your personal contact information. Usually, they only want this to try and haggle cheaper prices or to scam you. It is also normal for a scam to start with a compliment saying how good you are, etc, etc.


Yes I am working with him here on fiverr almost month

If you get permission from customer service it is allowed. Be specific about what it is for.
I have had clients send copies of the books I’ve worked on after CS said it wasn’t a problem.
The only thing I could see them having an issue with is if you are accepting the gift as a payment which would of course not be allowed.


That’s a tough one… obviously not allowed.
However are we taking a Neumann TLM 102
and Appolo ??? Or a 1985 radio shack cassette recorder? :smile:

This also is very odd that someone should offer you such a thing. Why on Earth would anyone offer you such a thing. It makes no sense.

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no this is not payment, he only wants to share me this mic. because he has 2. So, you advice me support?

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Yes definitely - if it is definitely just for this.
State clearly what it is, the buyer’s Fiverr name/profile link, why they are sending it and perhaps a screenshot of the buyer offering this to you.

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I do not know about accepting physical gifts. Probably what the others said is valid. However, I actually do some free work for some of my clients, and oh do they appreciate it? THEY DO. They pay me more than I ask and tip me the next time they order.
My point, is you gifting your clients might be more useful.
IMO I do not want to feel I owe someone, I always prefer to be the one that some other one owes something to … whatever … I couldn’t write that down! You got my idea.

I have lots of free gifts from clients. My latest include lots of little boxes of activated charcoal for teeth whitening and detoxing. Those are all off-Fiverr clients, though.

My experience on Fiverr, is that I’m really happy knowing that my buyers don’t know where I live.

I’m assuming you vet clients against a sanity scale first? All I can think of when I think of a Fiverr client knowing my address is the final scene of Seven.



I have given Fiverr my address, how much worse could clients be?
The most horrifying thing would be if Fiverr sent me a “You have been nominated for TRS” notification by post.

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ok =)

I guess I just feel more comfortable giving my address/personal info to a brand / company I can verify the identity of. - Not an individual who I can’t.