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Luck! Is it really matter on Fiverr?

From the definition of luck, it is something like “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”.

I have to tell you a story to explain what I want to say!
Let’s begin:
“Two people walking through the same village street and there was a huge mountain beside the road. After a while, A part of the mountain collapsed little ahead of those two people and completely blocked the roads.
First person was furious and start mumbling about his luck. He became angry that he came that way and he will be late to work. He starts telling himself that he is the unluckiest person in the world.
On the other hand, the Second person was glad that mountain did not collapse onto them. He started worshipping to GOD and stated that he is the luckiest person in the world”.
From the story, I wanted to tell you, LUCK is not the thing what you might think. It is differents in various situation and only defined by us.

Here on Fiverr, These two type of people are living together as a family and mumbling about everything Like I am doing right now :smiley:

I do not know how long I will be here but want to tell all of those people who are always blaming themselves or Fiverr for being the unluckiest person in the world, Listen, Guys:

No one is unlucky. If you keep failing to achieve something, it is because you do not work hard or you do not have the quality to achieve that goal, so work hard to gain the quality.

Luck is the word defined by yourself, Yes, only you have the right to make and determine your own luck!
Your Luck depends on you. You do not need to rely on your "Luck."
So, above all, I can assure you, There is no “luck” in Fiverr!!
Good Luck for defining you own luck :wink:


@n4y33m Never a truer word said - as with anything else, you need to work really hard to be lucky! You’ve done so well recently, and have definitely made your own luck by sheer hard work - well done! :grinning:


Thank you! You have the Flash speed :wink:
Gimme some tips to gain such speed.
Did you borrow from Savitar or Barry Allen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice story and also very true! Should I say “good luck” anymore?
Nah… go work hard! You can do it! :ok_hand:

Perfect :hugs::heart_eyes:

:heart_decoration: Lovin’ the analogy! :smile:
Added this one to my bookshelf. :wink:

This came to mind… I appreciate :musical_note: oldie goldies music.

Be lucky!


One of the best 90’s music. :heart_eyes:
thanks for sharing…:blush:

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Ssup with the existentialism?

I hope you stay and scale greater heights.

PS : We are lucky to have Sheikh Hasina visiting us. :slight_smile:


I pressed ‘like’ button because there was no LOVE button but I actually meant that :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this!

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Thank you :wink:

[details=Reply to PS]I loved the way to accept Guests. :slight_smile:
Hope everything will finish smoothly [/details]

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Aw, :heart_decoration:you’re welcome… A timeless classic! :wink:

10B$ worth of projects are going to be realized in a span of 3 years, which had been stuck since 3 decades. I’d say, hardwork and luck goes hand in hand.

[details=Details]There were massive consultations and ground work which was done in the months leading up to the visit and expectations were very high.

It’s happening on a scale which is larger than what the citizens on both sides had imagined. Nuclear power generators, road link, rail link, satellite bandwidth sharing, optic fiber cables, dams, trade, military hardware, partnership in Khulna and Chittagong ports, everything is unprecedented. Modi has taken a personal interest in ensuring that all the negotiations and formalities were completed before PM Hasina arrived. He was the one who got the land border and water boundary issues resolved. Apparently, Bangladesh army will get 500M$ worth of new equipment, which is a major takeaway from the bilateral visit.

PM Hasina will be attending a major event which is scheduled in Delhi today to commemorate the birth of Bangladesh. [/details]


We are having a Top-Up IT training Under a Govt. project, And the amusing part is, more than 700 Indian teachers are teaching all over the country :wink: :innocent: This project will also complete in 2018.
(Man! our teacher is awesome, He’s from Bangalore, and he will be rich before concluding the project :stuck_out_tongue:)


A lot of people from both sides are getting rich owing to joint ventures. We are already seeing these Tim Tims from Olympic (Dhaka) :

Once the rail and road connectivity is fixed, we will have a lot more Tim Tims.

The outsourced e-learning industry is very dear to @emmaki. She just can’t have enough of it.

She puts on her Bangladeshi jeans, Tim Tim in one hand, laptop in another, with Chinese hardware and Indian e-learning software. She’s having a lot more fun than all of us combined :joy:

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