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Lucky Sellers share their Success Stories but NEVER share the trick!

Since my joining fiverr, I’ve seen many lucky sellers who share their success stories of getting top ranks and $$$money$$$ but they always skip to share the trick of getting successful. I can understand that its their TOP secret thing but they should help new sellers and help fiverr community get No.1.

I’ve seen the “trick” shared many times. It’s just that many people either can’t do it, or don’t want to do it.

It’s simple.

  1. Set up a good gig that looks professional. (in an area where there is demand)
  2. Work your butt off delivering HIGH QUALITY services or products. (Under promise, over deliver)
  3. Provide great customer service for your customers - and work your butt off doing a bunch of revisions.
  4. Work your butt off all day and every night for a long time…
  5. Oh, and did I mention, work your butt off.

Anything that’s worth anything in life takes dedication and hard work. Combine that with a little bit of intelligence and quick learning, and you’ll be successful on Fiverr!

There. Now you have the TOP secret formula to success on Fiverr. There’s no luck about it.

David, I’ve done all but where to get orders please? This is the main problem. Because top sellers are completing 100s of projects daily with their team but no orders left for us. Should new sellers wait for their turn?

Waiting is not at all an option. I think @david already told you the option “work your butt off everyday”.

  • Here is a little tip from me. Change your GiG category to branding services. In the buyers requests there is less competition yet huge demand for logo designers.

I understand your frustration. It’s hard starting out. But I think, especially for the graphic design niche, there is plenty of work to go around. You should definitely NOT wait for your turn. You need to push your way into the mix! Don’t let anyone ever stop you from accomplishing your goals and objectives. Truly… the only person holding you back when it comes to Fiverr success is you (Not you specifically, I’m speaking in general terms here… ). And you don’t need 100 projects a day to be successful. Just focus on providing the highest quality content you can combined with great customer service. The word will spread eventually. Repeat customers will start coming back… Promote outside Fiverr if you can to drive traffic to you gig. Make your 10 offers per day. Underbid a little if you have to in order to get your foot in the door.

The key is keep working and don’t give up. If something doesn’t work, move on to the next, until you find what works.

It will work out for you! Just keep on keepin on!

The mistake you are making here, is assuming that there is some secret to getting sales on Fiverr. There isn’t. Successful sellers here simply spend any time they are not getting sales researching things like SEO & marketing and improving their own gig descriptions.

It’s simple, to get sales, simply continuously test what works for your gigs and chase buyers by promoting your gig and using buyer requests.

If there was a secret to getting sales, a TRS would be selling it as a gig and making an easy living. No one is because there isn’t a secret. You just have to take responsibility for your own success and work hard to make it happen.

The podcasts are filled with sellers at all levels sharing the “tricks” they used to gain success. The Tips for Sellers category also has many posts by Top Rated Sellers sharing how they gained success. As @cyaxrex said, though, there simply is no trick. It’s about finding or learning some things YOU can do very well, creating excellent gigs with descriptions that show strong competence in English, using sample files that are completely your own work and then doing everything you can to promote yourself. Promoting yourself will probably include sharing your gigs on social media, getting really involved in other forum communities that have members interested in what you sell, and using Buyer Requests here even if it takes 150 bids to get a sale and start climbing.

You’ll probably have to start out offering a ton of work for very little pay until you get to level 2 and staying very professional. You will need some realistic reviews by multiple buyers so other people don’t think that you paid someone for reviews or made a second account. You’ll need to show honesty to the maximum and don’t try fake profile pictures, fake locations or claim to be an expert if you aren’t. (Please note that I’m not saying you personally aren’t being honest. This is more general since you posted in the Tips category, so these are points for everyone who reads it.)

If you don’t have strong English skills, you can still succeed but you will need to keep improving those skills and you may have to hire some help for your copy writing at first. Fiverr is like any other business. It’s not a place where you have to spend lots of money to buy people’s fancy e-books or signing up for their lists to get “free reports” so you can get rich.

Many people make good money on Fiverr but most of them don’t do it very fast and they work countless hours to get there. One other thing to remember is that the category you chose (logo design) is one of the most popular ones on Fiverr, so to sell very well in that category you will have to be extremely unique and do outstanding work without using logo generating software or taking logos from 99 designs or shutterstock or anywhere else.

@logo_identity Here are some examples of how Fiverr and TRS themselves have tried to share their “tricks” with everyone:

A TRS offering steps he took in the beginning:

A Real TRS who wrote and entire book about how he did it: I won’t share a link to this because of forum rules but you can find his book easily by searching his username and Fiverr on the top e-book site online: Fastcopywriter

The secrets or tips or tricks or whatever are all over the place. It’s up to you to use them.

I’ll give you the trick in exchange for $100. Hit me up, yo.

I’m jazper and new seller too. I believe these stories. Because I made my gig 2 months ago. Did promotion in social media and replying buyer requests. But it doesn’t happen any significant change. Not even 1 order or only 5 or 6 impressions daily. I disjointed truly about fiverr. But you know luck has come to me 1 week ago. One seller has given order for me. I don’t know where she was take my gig. But with that order I waked up. I did my best for her. Then she gave another with recommending me for her friend too. Her friend gave two orders too. I did my all night work without sleeping or focusing my current job. Then again I start to reply to buyer requests with long and attractive cover letters. Here they are !!! since that day I got one order daily surely. Now I have done 13 orders all. I know many will smile for that small amount. But it looks like thousands for me. All buyers appreciated my work. I know I can find the path. And also I’ll try my best. I do’t know who said but I know " Try and try one day you can fly". Sorry for my bad English if there any mistakes.

wrong title: not lucky, Hardworking sellers, i dont know others but i have shared many tricks with fiverr forum

Don’t actually hit me up, yo. I’m obviously being scammy here.

Trick is a different thing and here on fiverr tricks do not work,
If you want success here, you should be honest
Perhaps you did not read this

Nicely Described

The best place to find tips and tricks from successful sellers is in the sticky tabs at the top of each sub-category. For example, you can find both of these gems in the featured sticky posts at the top of the “Improve My Gig” category:

37 Tips and Tricks to optimize your gig and start selling today:

How to prevent and remove negative reviews:

Check out the sticky posts featured at the top of each sub-category and you’ll find a gold-mine of information.

There are no tricks, you just do good work, on time, you get good reviews which leads to more orders which means to more reviews and then more orders… you get the picture. It’s the snowball effect. The offline world is like that as well, your first job will lead to other jobs, until they decide you’re too old and too expensive to hire.

Of course, it also depends on what you’re selling. Not everyone wants what everyone sells. That’s why you’re supposed to have several gigs about different things you can do.

Way to go Jazper! That’s a great accomplishment, and a great example of: If you stick with it, things will start working out!

Keep up the good work! Things will just keep getting better from here!

Most of the times tricks shared but no one want to apply those tricks truly. Sellers just try one time or two time then they start expecting orders coming in but honestly starting of any business in the world is not easy. You must have great patience level and will to do the hard work even you are not getting any reasonable output.

Every one starts from 5$ here. Buyers are looking for gigs that are cheap in rates, having great quality and with good customer care. You must do something extra for your buyer at the start in order to make a good profile on fiverr with lots of 5 stars ratings. Once you have good profile then you can raise your price and charge what you want for the service which you think is valid .

Consistency, Great communication skills, great behavior with the buyers will make you succeed here .

Let me tell a short story of today. I was contacted by a buyer from 2 week ago from Greece. He wanted to develop a website but did not know how to go through process. I help him guide him through every steps even before the start of any work till 2 weeks. I was very prompt in reply during conversation. When everything was done and we are ready for the work he said to me to start the work, when i start the work after one and half day he said ,
" Hay brother, i am going for vocation all over the Europe, so i cannot provide you further details about the website content . I will be back after 2 weeks then i can handover further contents. I said okay i will wait then next reply was " hay brother i have decided i do not need a website now because it will not easy for me to manage a website i realize now but i am very very very thankful to your for your time and i want to pay you for your time and for your guidance i said how can i charge you even i don’t done your work but he kept me insisting and he said from the deal of 300$ i want to give you 150$ please you have to accept that for me . After insisting a lot he send me order of 150$ and wait for me to send back that order for completion then i said to him that i have done 30 percent of the work. These are details of your website i handover his details he give me 5 STARS review "

So, i got 150$ just because of my communication, he likes my communication my work ethics, my prompt reply i have put 2 weeks on this client to make him ready for the development of a website .

So this is the short story, so communication is the key to success.

Hope all my discussion helps you .


Thanks for sharing such a great brief.

I had to wait my turn as you put it. My first year was very slow.