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Lunatic clients

Just got a request from a buyer, looking for a video “exactly like this”:

No materials being provided by him, other than a script for a v/o, we would need to source ourselves. No footage at all, I guess we’re supposed to record stuff in Italy with 10’s of people lmao (we’re not even located in Italy, and the profile is clear about that). Heavy compositing and motion graphics all over the place.

His budget? “200/300”. Not even for 10 times that. 100 times that? Maaaaybe doable, but not an exciting deal anyway. Not to mention I highly doubt there’s anyone on Fiverr who can pull this off “exactly like the sample” - this is a big TV production, hundreds of people worked on this for sure (actors, producers, light and sound crew, camera ops, motion designers, catering, logistics, writers, director, etc. etc. etc.).

How much drugs are these people taking? I understand lowballing, but 100 times less than the bare minimum?


I feel you so much :rofl:
I would even say that a VFX artist has made some touchs on this.

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Can I be insulted on your behalf? That’s just…

If someone asked this in a studio for that budget, they’d be laughed out of the office.


Normally one of my mom’s favorite sayings would apply here - “Caviar tastes on a tuna fish budget” but this is…I don’t even know. Ambergris tastes on an anchovy budget, maybe!! :rofl:


Mental indeed.

A lot of that was probably made from Stock Footage. However that quality of Stock is not cheap, each clip probably exceeds their budget. Then of course all the CGIing that went on and the fast editing which chews time (and patience) like nothing else.

This one took me at least half a day to make for all the animation and other movement to text alone.

That one would have taken longer by far. So yes a patient solo operator with strong skills (and therefore worth good coin) or a team.

Just about everyone who asks me to clone something famous I cannot work with as they have no vision of their own and will inevitably get :poop:y when it isn’t 100% the same (yet still avoids the copyright breach due).


I can 100% guarantee that’s not stock. At least the vast majority. The consistency, the locations, the actors. No way. They had a team filming it. Or they hit the jackpot of by chance finding somebody who had recorded the extremely specific and comprehensive, exact stock they needed. They didn’t. That never exists.

Then the complexity of the compositing. It’s not just animating simple text or whatever. It’s 3D tracking models, very consistent look. Again, highly doubt a single person did all that.

That’s a TV commercial for a big brand. It was likely filmed and produced by a TV station or equivalent sized production house. Not a single guy in a million years. Budget minimum of mid 5 figures. Bare minimum, assuming people on payroll that already get a salary and work on other projects, etc. If they hired freelancers to do everything by the hour, it would be way more expensive than just using the workforce on payroll.

And that’s because it’s an Italian production - change that to NY (or the USA in general, video production is serious there, not the joke budgets we get in europe), and it’s 6-7 figures easy. I know people running small production companies in the states that land 100k deals, for content that I would be able to make myself, alone. No way I would ever be able to make something like that video by myself. Impossible.


Fair enough. It is rather good. European ads are kooky but so much better than the demeaning drivel we get here in Oz (or that Fiverr make).,



I don’t think it’s about drugs or even lowballing, though. Some people just have no clue when it comes to the cost of these things. They see something they like, they want that, and have zero idea about the actual cost. To them, it’s a nice video, and their friend got a really nice video for $200 (or even $100; a completely different video, of course, but nice-looking), so it can’t be more, right?

It seems crazy, I know, but people who don’t make videos and know nothing about making them have no idea how much these things cost.


Indeed. See even I with some experience missed what that video really took to make.

However if they still expect that anyone is going to be able to deliver that sort of $50,000 result for $200 (or less of course seeing there is that level 15 pro seller with 10,000 5-Star reviews that all say “Super #1 excellent bloke” :wink: who claims he can make that for $5) then there is definitely a relationship to reality test that needs to be performed.


Here’s another special one I just found in my BR

I’m looking for someone to draw/illustrate full color artwork for the cover of a CD booklet. So almost 5 inches by 5 inches. Cover would show a stripper on the top of the stripper pole horizontal from left to right at a downward sloping angle (about 20 degrees). She’s in a strip club so a few neon signs and a stage that holds the stripper pole and then a naughty boy at the bottom of the stripper pole. I can do a rough sketch for those who accept the request.

Accept his $35 request and lose their whole Fiverr profile for breaching TOS. Yeah, great plan.

That is some serious amount of drawing, totally aside from the nature and acceptability of such a drawing here, for for $28


The best I can do is $5.

I am from Italy and I know this ad! It’s Italy’s largest telecommunication and Internet network. So yes, there is SURELY a team behind all of this. I believe they spent thousands and thousands for this commercial and someone thought they could have it for just 200/300… :sweat_smile:


I know how you feel. As I’m providing 3D animated music videos, do you know how often user send me the trailer of “Frozen” or other famous animated movies? “I need it to have this quality at least!!”. It’s incredible.


I understand, but if they are so sure they want a video for $200, why are they even contacting me? My basic price is 3 times that. Makes no sense. If you go to a gig where the lowest price on display is over 600 and you say your budget is 200, how is that not lowballing?

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They contact you because people don’t read anything, they just watch the video, same for me, people tell me a project, we talk, and then they ask “how much do you charge”, my prices are all the same and written on my packages, and then they get surprised…
Like, as if it was going to be 5 or 10 € for hours of video/photo editing and motion designing.

My prices are not the same, they are unique depending on client and project. I always want to be contacted first and discuss budget. The prices on display are just ballpark values, and I say that. However, if my basic is $x, I’m basically saying I’m not interested in working for less, generally speaking.

Normal, no one wants to work for less xd

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Sometimes I feel like some buyers think we owe them :woman_shrugging:t3:

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They don’t check the price. Oh, they might, in the beginning, check what the prices are generally…and then they see a gig they like (yours), they already came to the conclusion that 200/300 should be a great price, and that’s what they offer.

I remember a buyer complaining on the forum, he did his research (or so he said), and he came to the conclusion that $100 would be more than generous for a logo, so how come he didn’t get offers from good designers (for his request)?


But that’s like checking the average price of a car and then walking into a lambo dealership and demanding to get one at that price. Nobody does that in real life.

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