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Lvl 2 seller for a year and red impressions

Here is screencapture with my stats.
But all gigs performance are red (impressions, clicks and etc) for very long time. 0 new customers, only repeatable customers order sometimes. 0 growth. Stagnation. Even new gigs have low impressions rate.
I have no idea.
Can you show stats/performance of your popular gigs for last months to motivate and support me? Thank you.


Good morning. It happens. You need to wait and you should also promote your Gigs to improve your impression performance.
Best of luck.

Even on forum everybody ignores me :smile:

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I think you’re not the only one. Many people are going through the same (- impressions) or are in the last places of the search. The page should not be at its best. Since it throws these results.

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Good evening!
The most popular reasons for such drop are several cancellations or late deliveries in a row. No specific information is available at the moment.

You can also check this thread:

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