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Lvl2 seller fail :(


Hi. Last 6 days i have 0 orders, 0 messages, nothing :frowning: I think i will get Lvl2 seller this month, but there is only silence.

I dont know what the reason, have no idea at all. I looked at my traffic stats and its fine. Maybe it’s connected with available now feature?.. But i have the same silence when i have activated this function for 3 days :confused: Any ideas?


I know to get level 2 seller flag you need 50 completed orders and positive reviews with low cancellation rate

when you will have it fiverr will do that


check the search place to see if your gig is in the first page


it’s on third place on first page :confused:


Most buyers don’t go as far as the third page, I have worked on other freelancer site and it is not like this. I will advise you keep doing your promotion and try to learn a new skill, so you can have more gigs. The more skill you have more you can sell.


read it again please - its on third place on FIRST page :slight_smile:


wow, then that is good, you should get a lot of order soon


i have the same issue. Since last 2 weeks I haven’t gotten any order. should I just write my gig’s title in search bar to see if its showing in search or not?


Please be patient. Fiverr does not guarantee sales in any way. You are still responsible for your own success. Perhaps, if you aren’t gaining the kind of sales that you want ON Fiverr, maybe now is a good time to start marketing and promoting your services OFF Fiverr. You have the ability to bring in your own customers as well. Don’t expect Fiverr to provide you with all of your business.

If you are as visible as you are right now, perhaps just giving it some time will help. Maybe there aren’t many buyers on Fiverr that are looking for your services right now.


you can try that too


thanks, learned from your reply


is there any other way too to review your gig in search?


I am not sure about that, just take someone else phone to log on Fiverr and search for your gig, then you check for the number of pages you are


thanks for the help :slight_smile:


you welcome, are you also new here


yes its been 3 months so far i am actively working