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Lying and false statements not against fiverr community values

Did you know that lying (objectively and easily verifiable facts) in order to discredit a buyer and his feedback on fiverr is not against the fiverr tos and fiverr community values? (Verified by CS)

The feedback that the buyer gives is not allowed to include false statements towards the seller, but the same does not apply, if the seller lies in his reply to the feedback in order to discredit the buyer.

I am shocked, but not surprised that the fiverr community values do not align with my values. But hey sellers, good for you, you can lie the s**t out of it in order to make yourself look better if you are not happy with the feedback you got.

What a joke of a business platform.


Could you post a direct quote of support verifying that lying in order to discredit a buyer is okay? I seriously doubt that and fear I can’t believe it without proof. Sounds like some intentional or unintentional misunderstanding/misrepresentation.


It is 100 % not a misunderstanding. I even had it confirmed by the supervisor.
I asked if they can confirm that objectively lying about verifiable facts and giving false statements in the feedback reply in order to discredit me and my feedback, is not against the tos and fiverr community values and they confirmed that. They understand my frustration but can’t do anything about it.
I would send you a screenshot of the message, but I don’t know how.

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There’s an upload icon, but if you upload screenshots, names should be blurred.

You could copy and paste the text though (the complete unedited text, of course, not redacted), that’s not exactly a proof but would give a more neutral picture to everyone than if you rephrase it in your own words.


Well, that’s what you said they are confirming but it’s not showing us what support really said to you. The support person who replied after that probably just read until the “Thank you for confirming that”, thought great, person thanks us, issue is solved" but the actual relevant thing here is the conversation before your post.

It’s a bit hard for people here to believe that support blindly supports sellers because if you trawl the forum a bit, you’ll quickly get the impression that like 98% of people think/have the experience that support favours buyers, and the other 2% think that what probably is correct, that they try to find a balance with slight preference of buyers. It’s not in Fiverr’s interest to lose buyers.

When someone posts such claims like yours, there’s usually something more behind the story. In any case, we seldom get the whole picture here as only the one or the other party writes and interprets things as they want to and only give the information that suits them.

That bit about apologizing seems to be unrelated to the actual issue - but sounds like a rather unlucky spelling mistake then, would be no wonder if that set the mood for the whole conversation but it sounds as if you took that gracefully.

So, they say “both feedback will stay as they do not violate any guidelines”, that helps to understand this. That doesn’t, however, say that lying and false statements are okay. If a buyer had a bad experience, they are allowed to post that, if a seller had a bad experience, they are allowed to post that too, unless it violates the terms. Seeing that several people looked at the case, we can only assume that both feedbacks were not violating the terms and that both you and the seller will have to live with those feedbacks. I’d just let it go at that point.


I apologize for the off-topic, but why do you have 2 accounts? It looks like one is for buying, and another one for posting on the forum (except that now you’re using both). Are you aware that it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service to have more than one account?


This is not true. Buyers can leave the feedback they want and very rarely is feedback removed for any reason, even if it’s false.

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If it was as clear as this, then, yes, I wouldn’t be able to understand that either. I can just assume that the seller’s review was their opinion as well and that support could’t follow your argumentation.

I’ve looked at your profile, I assume we’re talking about that 1* review that is under the lauramadey4 username (It’s indeed a violation of Fiverr’s terms of service to have more than 1 account, by the way, and as per the Terms of Service can lead to an account warning or suspension of the surplus or even all accounts; you can ask support to close the unused account for you) ? That sounds like an opinion to me too.

Also, you seem to not be aware of this but we have a “blind review system”, which means sellers do not see a buyer’s review before they left their own review, there’s no “in return”. That review was the seller’s experience and they posted it before they even could see your review of them.
I can see how you might not be happy with that review, but that’s most probably true for the seller as well, and nothing in there sounds like a violation of ToS.

Okay, I found your review for that seller as well, and it sounds as if you had reasons for not being happy with your experience, but you expressed that, in the 1 star as well as in words, the seller did the same. I’d say an unlucky experience for both parties; as someone wise recently said, “Not everyone is made for working with everyone”. I can see you got great reviews from other sellers, as well as that the seller got great reviews from other buyers, perhaps just tell yourself it can happen every once in a while that it’s a bad fit, both of you expressed their experience and feelings in that 1* and can both move on now.


That’s weird, I can’t see that. Are you sure you understood support correctly? They might have deleted that reply to your feedback but thought you are asking them about deleting his actual feedback on your profile, with “both feedback” they might have talked about your feedback of you and his feedback of him.
In any case, I can just see your feedback, then the next feedback, not that Seller’s Response. Maybe you still see it as you have cached it? You could try checking after deleting your cache and cookies or using a different browser that you haven’t used for Fiverr before.

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Given that the seller chose to leave a 1* blind review (which is extremely rare) the things did go very wrong but unfortunately, no one of us can really tell who is at fault or what the miscommunication was.

I’m with you about the “dear” part, though.

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Strange, I don’t see that. Well, in that case, I don’t know what went wrong. Can it have been 2 weeks altogether including the actual delivery time and revisions you requested? The 2 weeks and daily responses should be facts that can easily checked, I agree. Everything else, on both sides, of course is experience/opinion.

(I’m also with you about the “dear” thing by the way, it’s something cultural and personally, I just ignore it (both as a buyer and seller) but I do agree that of course he should have stopped using it after you told him to stop it, maybe a bit of a language barrier was going on there in addition to the cultural barrier).

Still a bit fazed that I can’t see that reply, very weird.

It’s easier to just remove the post. :smiley_cat: @miiila saw it, so it has fulfilled its purpose.


If you don’t mind me asking, what was your rationale behind leaving the seller a 1-star review, as opposed to say a 2 or a 3? I’ve always seen a 1-star (considering how damaging it is to a seller’s profile) as being an absolute last resort - it would be interesting to know what drove you to leaving a score so damaging? (genuine question - I can see things have gone wrong in this order, but am aware we don’t know the full story)

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Because they say it doesn’t mean it’s true. A buyer can leave a 1 star review saying “this is not what I asked” even if it was, and 99% of times it won’t be removed.

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That’s the point, the seller claims they did what you’re saying they didn’t. For us from outside looking in it could have gone either way whether it can be proven or not. CS didn’t find it sufficient enough to edit the review.

You can wait for a few days and ask for someone else to look into the issue (in a polite, calm manner) if you feel the CS agent didn’t handle the situation appropriately. I’m not saying it works all the time but it works for me often enough.

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Their response doesn’t say that they have uploaded revisions daily, just that they worked on them every day.


Alright. What I wrote was based on your and his feedback, not on that reply, given that I couldn’t and still can’t see it for whatever reason.

In this case, if I really wanted to spend more time on this, I’d probably tell support that the general reply is okay but that the points “order took 2 weeks” and that “seller delivered revisions daily” aren’t true which they can easily check and that I’d expect that to be taken out of the reply because you think it’s against the terms. (I can’t find anything concrete in the terms though, just “Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms of Service”, so maybe it’s best to look through the ToS and see if there’s something to directly quote to support to that extent.

Still, if all the CS people actually looked at his reply to your feedback and not his feedback itself, and all agreed that it doesn’t violate the terms, I’d just let it go.

Seems Catwriter found one of the points were a misreading and not a lie, and as I can’t see the reply anyway, I’ll just leave it at “use the experience as food for thought”.


May I ask why didn’t you cancel the order at that point? I mean, if the seller didn’t want to deliver what their premium package promised, why not just cancelling and looking for someone else?


Your problem is that you are saying this like it is a fact. It is not. There isn’t even an official doctrine of Fiverr community values. There is also no evidence of your seller lying.

They have said:

Totally disagreed , The buyer was unprofessional , rude throughout the designing process, we gave 2 weeks constant services , daily we made revisions whatever asked . we have designed 100% according to the given details , please respect those whom you are getting any services . Thank you

Giving 2-weeks of constant services could mean that they are counting time spent answering pre-order questions in their inbox.

Your seller saying “daily we made revisions whatever asked” does not suggest they made revisions every day. It suggests they have somewhat poor English and provided revisions whenever you asked.

Reading this review, I take nothing away from it that indicates they are purposefully lying to protect their reputation, All I take away is the fact that they feel as frustrated with you as you do them.