🤥 Why do these people even pay for college?


I’ve had to save my reply as a “Quick Response” because I get so many messages like these.


OMG that’s pretty funny!


I want to applaud that guy - even if it took 25 minutes to think of it.


It was like out of a Monty Python sketch.

OK I need an ebook then. Wink -wink, nudge -nudge!


When I think of the countless papers I wrote, the all-nighters doing it, the amount of work that went into getting my degrees, and when I hear of this it makes me feel ill.

I had a roommate who bragged about paying for all her papers. Of all the bad things that went on with her, that was the most disgusting to me. She was so pleased with herself about it.


I always report people after I explain that what they are asking is a TOS violation. So, I’ve never gotten any pushback or them trying to change their tune like that.

It really makes me crazy how many students come here looking to buy homework. I wish universities had some way to combat this. Sometimes people place orders without talking to me first and I get assignments. A couple of times I’ve had people submit their syllabus or assignment rubric with the gig. I’ve never gotten one where the name of the university is visible. If I ever do, I will definitely be going out of my way to contact that university. Idk if they’d actually be able to do anything, but schools should have that info at least; that buying papers may be a problem in certain departments.


I remember those nights - I’d sleep maybe three to four hours the night when I had a paper due. It was difficult but I always did the work myself. I despised World History class (had one of the toughest teachers in the university) but she made me work for the C I got out of her class. Never once would I have considered someone else doing the work for me.

My then-boyfriend, now-husband, asked me to type one of his papers - he did ALL the research and did ALL the writing; I just typed it out for him. Never once did I do his or someone else’s paper.

The real joy out of doing the work is the knowing I accomplished the grade I got out of the class myself.

Why students these days want to take “the easy way out” and not feel that same joy is beyond me. This is the generation of “gimme gimme. I deserve it.”

No, no you do not!


This is probably why to this day I do almost all my work at night. I had a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to study and then doing it all night before a test and sometimes even when writing papers. Also I’ve always been a nightowl.


Yup! People have gotten by in life easy, having other people do their academic work. I’ve seen people get expelled from University due to cheating. I couldn’t do it because I’d feel like I’ve cheated myself, paying thousands of dollars just to cheat? That’s insanity! I would feel like crap about it, too. Some people have no shame in their game. They get by in life riding the coattails of others, but like the old adage goes "the cream ALWAYS rises to the top." :wink:


I actually knew someone who paid for all her papers to get a Masters Degree. She then got a job teaching college classes. She also got straight A’s in all her classes. She was a roomate too and never did a minute of work to get that degree.


Did she actually earn them A’s?


:anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished: how this possible


Nope. She had some good writers working for her.


The horror. I wonder how her students felt after they left their class with her. How could she even teach?


This was at American University. Some of those classes were just ones where you went to get an assignment to write papers and take tests. I took graduate classes there. I assume her classes that she taught were like that but I’m not sure since I never took hers.

One reason I love taking online classes at Coursera is the quality of the teaching videos. Those are some first class teachers on there. It makes learning a subject exciting.


This reminds me of my final thesis for my MSc. I took a cubicle at the library during the last 3 days leading up to the submission deadline. My supervisor told me he wasn’t impressed with some parts. I literally deprived myself of sleep for almost 48 hours rewriting, researching, re-evaluating. This is the craziest experience I have ever had. There was a Tescos around the corner. I bought a toothbrush and paste and loads of snickers, water, sandwiches, doughnuts etc. I submitted about 3 hours to the deadline. I hadn’t slept, I still had to take a train ride to Brighton (Home) that night (from London) after I had submitted it.

I finished the course on Merit and my supervisor was impressed with the final submission.

What a time!

Writing thesis trains you for a lot of things in life. In fact, it is the highlight of any college education. It encompasses all the things you have learnt; into a single book.

If you have to pay someone to do it, well, shame on you.


It is a test of stamina and dedication for sure. If you can make it through that, doing it yourself, you gain the sense that not only are you definitely educated, but you also have endurance. And you carry with you a knowledge that you can do things, and have the dedication and qualifications to accomplish what you want.


A BIG AMEN to this. This says it all!


As a college student, I don’t understand it either. Honestly I wouldn’t trust anyone to do my assignments, let alone internet strangers.

Even before I knew doing assignments wasn’t allowed on here, I still refused to do them just because I’m a student and you gotta slog through that on your own. Homework is so boring