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Mad and unhappy with fiverr services

I am working really hard on fiverr. They get most of what you get paid so I dont understand why they dont help you as a seller. I was promoted to level 1 seller and all of a sudden I received an email that I am being demoted. I am trying to find a way to contact the help center but all I get is automated answers. I am really mad and unhappy. when you MUTUALLY cancel an order your rate drops but it doesnt go up as fast as it drops. I have cancelled 2 orders mutually and my rate wont go up its still at 86% eventhough I have delivered tons of orders in the mean time. this is really unfair. I am madddddd

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You can check if it’s correct by totalling the completed orders in the last 60 days and the cancelled orders in the last 60 days and working out the completion rate from that. If after doing the calc you think it’s wrong you can show CS and they’ll probably correct it. Though ideally Fiverr should have an option to show these orders (just the ones from 60 days that are completed or cancelled).

Also they should really not count certain cancellations (eg. those not the sellers fault) or maybe change the allowed percentage.

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Thank you for your reply. This is really unfair especially if you try to do things the correct way. I find out that it’s always the seller who suffers damage but fiverr still gets their part of what the buyer is paying you. I am starting to think that they dont care for us as sellers and its really sad

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I am sorry this happened to you. I totally get that it is but natural to be mad when something unfair happens to you. However, unfortunately, this applies to ALL sellers. Although you probably might not find any solace in me telling you this, the point is that mutual cancellations “unfairly” affect the stats of all sellers involved. You are not alone. We have no other option than to make do with whatever system is in place and adapt to it.

Well, this is just the nature of percentages. It’s just math. :man_shrugging:

Here’s an example:

If you were to complete 9 orders and mutually cancel 1 order, your order completion % (OCR) would be 90%. Canceling just 1 order would drop your OCR by 10%. However, in order to get your OCR back to 100% (at least 99.5%), you would have to complete 190 more orders without a single order cancellation. That’s RIGHT! 190 orders!!!

That’s how difficult it is to get your overall stats back to 100%. This could be one of the reasons why your 60-day stats are used for the monthly evaluations (instead of your all-time stats) as it is much easier to get your 60-day stats to 100% (than it is to get your all-time stats to 100%).

Here’s a very informative forum post that might help you understand this effect in greater detail (if at all you’re interested):

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"They get most of what you get paid " - no, they don’t. They get 20%. That is not “most” by any metric.


Thank you for you time

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I agree, the conditions for us to achieve are totally unrealistic. I have had enough of this shit. Stuff em, I can find better!