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Mad, Manic, Metric Ruining Buyers

One day, I will snap. Things will just get too much and I will delete my Fiverr account in rage. I just can’t handle the madness of other people anymore. For example, I turn on Fiverr today, only to be met with this:

Order Requirements:

promotional article

send to email
website is under construction

Followed by:

Provide compelling headline.
Make content appealing to customers.
Website is not ready yet. How am I going to get the message?


How will I get the message?


The seller is not responding

How do I complete the order? Payment has been taken but my order has not been completed. What requirement is being asked. I can find a link to send the answer.

And Finally:

I couldn’t complete the order because I do not how to review delivery. Where is the link that for me to do that?

Please respond sooner because this is a one day order that I chose.

All this takes place within 2-hours of the buyer placing their order. They are basically freaking out because they have placed an order and not had whatever they have imagined they will receive instantly delivered. - And, of course, at no point have they actually submitted any order requirements.

More than likely, I will end up canceling this order. I’ve never had a buyer like this whom it has ever worthwhile to work with. This will also be my second cancellation this week. The first was caused by a buyer who ordered 5 x articles but demanded to have the equivalent of 25 articles delivered.

The problem, of course, is that there is simply no reasonable way to deal with people like this. - Yet sellers get punished for their strange, manic, occasionally outright exploitative behavior.

Anyway, rant over…


Yes. Its very disappointing indeed. But according to my experience it happens due to following reasons:
Some clients are new and they are using Fiverr for very first time. They don’t know how it works and how, when and in which type they will get their job done. Some of these new buyers are those who are first time money spenders and believe me, its only just their frustration.
I have handled such situations by educating them about 5r algorithm and system and telling them about my prices if they demand extra.
Second but a rare situation is that some cheap people who are your competitors have started to place fake orders on your profile so your ranking drops and they make more sales. I know its not a regular issue but I have personally encountered this. No matter what, that fake client will cancel the order or give you bad rating.
Solution is, set your prices a bit high and say no to extra work. Report such buyers to support and they will take care of it.
Its just my experience.


Sadly, this used to work but doesn’t seem to any longer. This is a $45 order and all my problem orders this year have been in the $40 - $200 range.

Yeah - I had one this week who refused to give me the full order details until “we agree on job”. As the conversation went on, he became more and more evasive …

Luckily it was a customized job request, so he hadn’t already ordered.

Your experience sounds a real bummer!

That person is so confused about every aspect of ordering content for his site that there is no way to help him. This squeeze we are under about not having cancellations is unhealthy.


There’s been an easily noticeable increase in buyers like this. I might have to remove the $5 short description package from my gigs cause of this.

By the way, the buyer hadn’t shared any info about his product at all to even start with. This week has been pretty bad.


wait to see how’s in the graphic design niche… ‘’ I want a logo exactly like this ‘’ … Well obviously I can’t copy that design … ‘’ Then do something creative ‘’ … after 5 minutes ‘’ I could’ve done the same ‘’ … sure you could , it’s a world full of experts


Ha ha and the best: can you just tweak this horrible design so it would look like a million bucks. And by the way if you are a professional it wouldn’t take you more than half an hour and for half an hour I can pay only 5$


I have a customer, who made around 10 orders and ordered several extras.
He adds the following sentence to all his orders and revisions: “Please make it and I will give you a tip!”
Do I need to say that he never gave one? :smile:

He’s also the one, who sent me revision request demanding to change the name of his company in a Word document… just because he misspelled it in the original document.


I’ve never had any buyers like this before the past two weeks, ever, ones who say to do things for them and they will place more orders with me. I’m not working for free or doing extra work for the promise of more orders. I’ve had buyers messages like that and others that I’ve never had before. What is driving this? Maybe it’s from being on the forum?

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Are they marketing people? It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s an influx of these types as a result of someone doing a marketing “miracle” launch - they often tell people to go to fiverr for cheap logos, designs and websites. Lasts about 2-5 weeks and then tails off …

Just a thought that’s been occurring recently …

all of my bad experiences in the couple of weeks have been with buyers that made their account in 2019


They are all new here. Maybe there is some youtube video on how to get free work on fiverr. Or they are old buyers with new accounts which seems to be very common. I get old buyers with new accounts all the time.


Actually, they are a scammer/troublemaker. I sent them two messages asking them to clarify their brief, one of which included a questionnaire I usually send out when replying to messages. They responded by sending back the exact same file (without answering any questions or giving me any order details.)

Then they started again with:

What’s next?


Where is my delivery, how do I rate your work because I still haven’t received anything

In this case, I’ve responded with:


You have sent back the exact same file I sent you, without adding any details.

Sadly, as you are unable to communicate your brief in any way, I won’t be able to help you. In this case, I will be contacting Fiverr to request that they cancel this order. When that happens, your shopping balance (minus a $2 transaction processing fee), will be returned to you as Fiverr credit.

Going forward, I would recommend that you type out a project brief before you place an order in future and message sellers to ask if they can help.

Kind Regards and best of luck with whatever your project is,



I don’t see what they get out of all that. Some seem to live just to cause problems.