Made $25,000 on Fiverr - Choosing a name for Course/Community


Hey everyone!

So I feel that, I have not only made a reasonably decent amount of money on Fiverr, but i’ve done it in a very unique way.

I am creating a community to help sellers generate $3000 a month.

I am deciding on a name for the community and am asking for feedback.

That’s the link to the poll I created on polldaddy


Comment or select your response
**[poll type=regular]

Thanks everyone!


EDIT: My Fiverr username is Justinpm15 (it added on 1 here to my username on the forum).

PS: (Note: the 40k business name/s in the poll would obviously be launched after I make 40k)


8minutes since posting - and his account is deleted :smiley:


Still active! haha. Just needed to fix the poll. :slight_smile:
It’s working now


but your account is not accessible justinpm151
I was just wondering which account has that $25K


its a POPULAR :bug: here on forum.
Remove the 1 at the end of his username and you will be able to :eyes: his account.


justinpm15 is my seller username. :slight_smile: I dont know why it created 151 here on the forum


Its the Forum Bug that adds a “1” to some users.
Account is active and can be reached at

Mod Note: Although links to profiles are generally not allowed, we allow some leeway when someone is “suffering” from the forum bug and if it is useful/not spammy.


Got nearly 250 reviews now I think.

I can show y’all how to do it. But just creating a business name and community first.

Thanks for the confirmation Saddu_writer :slight_smile:


Thank you eoinfinnegan :slight_smile:


I don’t like any of your business names, sorry. I’d lose all the 40K stuff, it makes your business sound like a pyramid scheme.


I agree. I’d add that ALL of them sound like pyramid scheme names.

If I were you, I would start a website with my own name or my company’s name (which doesn’t include ‘fiverr’ in it) and then offer the course as a product. I think this way it sounds more professional and trustworthy and you will be building your brand independently of Fiverr which you can use later in all kinds of different ways



  1. user forum post from different account and He’s mentioned other username in post -
  2. All given option are looking like other FIVERR substitute website name - Clearly violate fiverr rules.
  3. No one can create their own community at fiverr.


@fast_editing - please have a look at the above quote.

No, the seller doesn’t have two accounts - there’s a forum error which sometimes adds a 1 at the end, so the forum name ends up as username1 when the Fiverr account name is username.

I don’t think the OP is looking for suggestions for building a community on Fiverr - the poll is for domain names off-Fiverr.


So ?


Yes, that could be a good name in my opinion


I’d go with something simple and slick. or, or mix something like or, Heck, I’d go wild and make up a word like injustry (industry); lightinjustry. Good luck with the project.



Not to mention the Google “EMD” (Exact-Match Domain) update, which strives to penalize sites using domain names with targeted keywords in them like those mentioned in the OP, plus those that use “money” in them that make them sound :fish:+y

You could, however, trick them by using a domain like “htnomak04rrevifhtiwemohtayenomekamreadinreverse


Thank you.

I did another survey and got overwhelming results for

So maybe what ill do is have (standing for my fiverr job) and have that business name / community just underneath my personal brand


Then I can have other business names etc underneath my brand later. Using the same email list (they follow me not the brand)


For your info, you can use a less cryptic “” or “” name, which is allowed as far as Google is concerned since that is not part of the domain name but rather a page name.