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Made 56$ on my fist two weeks, but i'm not receiving any more orders

Hello! It’s been two weeks since i received my first order, and at first the requests kept coming. The buyers left good reviews, and i thought that after that i’d receive more orders, but now they’ve stopped. I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong or not, because i thought the reviews helped, but now i’m not so sure.


Just be patient, everyone has up and down weeks.


I suppose being patient is the only choice
its been a month for me with 0 orders.

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Unfortunately we have no control as to when we get orders so waiting is the only thing you can do. You obviously provide a service that people like so though you be in a dry spell right now I believe you’ll get more orders in time.

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It is quite normal for the 0-level sellers to make sales during the first month, and suddenly not see any spark at all. Because the number of buyer requests/orders kinda depends on the level of sellers. It’s just a guess, but valid in a number of cases


Did you even read what she is saying in her post? And, why in the god’s name would someone be worried over receiving orders!!? Quite shocking!

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Because fiverr is constantly rotating gigs and how much exposure you get.

New sellers get a “boost” when they join a platform and being positioned on first pages to give them better chance to exposure to start. But after sometime things go back to normal and you get position based on your gigs, performance and how it’s compared to everyone else.
If there are sellers that are doing better than you then they will have better ranking than you in search.

That a big dilemma that was discussed many times on the forum: first new sellers were complaining that they don’t get any chance because fiverr favours higher level and older sellers. Then fiverr listened and started giving a chance to new sellers to get more exposure just because they are new.
And now we see the same new sellers coming and still complaining that they had orders in first month and now it’s slowed down and what’s wrong with their gigs and how dare fiverr to do that :woman_shrugging:

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Exactly, Why would it make sense to give priority to trustworthy, money making sellers when they can give exposure to people who may not know anything, and want to make some money since the have nothing better to do, I can’t think of any thing better to do, why work hard when you can just not.

Yeah, if you’re already doing everything you can… honestly, just wait.