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Made 7 sales, only $4 earned


Hey people, I am new to Fiverr - as a seller.

I’ve been a buyer for 3 years and now started selling.

The problem is, I made 7 sales, which makes a total of $28, but on the dashboard it only seems as $4 earned.

Also $4 pending clearance.

Maybe it is because 6 of my buyers hasn’t Completed the Order. How can I get my money from them?

3 days passed and no response?



:smiley: Hi, Since 6 of your buyers haven’t complete the order, wait 3-4 days it will automatically be completed, and fiverr keeps it for 2 weeks before your can see it in your current funds / on your dashboard. You can check for the pending progress bar by doing this : My Sales >> Revenues then click dropdown menu Show: Pending Clearance.

In that page you’ll see detailed progress bar

this link might help you

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Yup, just wait and the orders will be completed automatically 3 days after delivery - unless your clients request changes.

In your Revenues page, you can also see your “upcoming earnings”. It’s on the right and on top of the box showing your current revenues.

Happy Selling!


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when the order is completed by you and the buyer or when you deliver and waited 3 days the order is marked as competed. that’s just means the order is completed.

as for the earnings you with get them after 14 days of when fiverr marks order as competed.

so if the buyer doesn’t mark it as completed you have to wait 3 days for fiver to mark it as completed and then an additional 14 days so you can receive your earnings.


I took a look at your gigs and I only see one order on one, the other gigs appear to be new. Perhaps you suspended some, or they may be under review by Fiverr since the Netflix ones are nearly identical in every way to another seller’s gig.


wait 3 days after the day you delivered the item or simply ask them in a polite way to mark the order as completed :slight_smile:

Hope you have many sales :slight_smile:


Lots of great tips here. Be sure to read the FAQ’s as you get started. Lots of great help for newbies there, as well. We’ll be moving this over to FAQ. Thanks.