Made 85,000 in 9 months on fiverr


If you have any advice ask away!


Falls from coca cola tree =))




How does one fail to attain any levels despite a supposed 85,000 in sales?


Why would one have to ask away if they are the one who possesses the advice?


None of your gigs are rated. Did you do this with another account?


I like to hear about the folk doing 10K a month. That’s a serious fiverr goal.





You sir are a genius! Troll people into laughing at you and thus giving you more publicity!



Reply to @anarchofighter: LOL


Sell me your secret for a Fiverr


I offer writing and design services


if you are not the guy who earn that money, please state “want to MAKE” and ask for advice, rather than “MADE”.


:)) You’re jenius mann… =))


i offer traffic services on fiverr.


This is just a fantastic example of a genius in action,

in the meantime, I will write you a 200 word article that will have readers ADDICTED to your blog! come check out my service! :slight_smile:


Hmm… OP, please deliver?