made a big mistake by contacting client outside fiverr.


hi guys
i am really scared to know this that fiverr doesnt allow sellers to contact buyers outside fiverr. my client intentionally gave me his whatsapp and he told me that he does this with others too and they doesnt face any problem so i believed him and we talk in whatsapp. he said he would order in fiverr and will give me the details on whatsapp as it is a long term job. so i ask on the forum and now from the help of the forum i have known that fiverr cancels the account if they contact clients. so now i want to know what can i do to fix this issue. i dont want to get canceled. what should i do now ?


You could ‘fess up’ to CS and see if they close your account. TBH - you haven’t got any reviews etc. so starting again from scratch may not be such a bad thing.

It might be better to do that rather than waiting and worrying about it.

If you can contact CS (good luck!) I’d suggest a lot of apologising and grovelling, and promise to read the ToS before you go to sleep every night. :wink:


Everyone does mistakes, so if you haven’t accepted payments outside of Fiverr, I’m sure they will give you an another chance.


i hope they does. otherwise i will lose my 180$ earnings. i am scared to death right now. i have contacted the support and i did a lot of apologizing. i hope they will give me a chance.


Wish you overcome this situation. It is so complicated. Just pray.


You better contact CS.


Personally I would just stop the communication on WA, explain it to the buyer and that’s it. What’s done is done.
Just don’t do it anymore now that you know better.



I have them memorized and can recite them in my sleep.


Thanks guys. i contacted fiverr support and they respond nicely. they just told me its against their policy and helped me understand which service is legit to get skype info. so i hope they wont take action against me and i will be very careful from now on and wont talk with the client outside fiverr.