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Made a gig! Just see! For photoshop buyers!

I have photoshop experience. I have rotating and croping pictures,images,photos,logos since many years but i dont have any platform to show my creativity. So i just heard abour fiverr and i had made a gig, so if you are interested buyer just see. Hope you like it.

Here is the link:

Thankyou for reading :slight_smile: !


Great, Welcome to fiverr and this forum. And i saw your profile are you doing this job using mobile phone. I wish you for get order soon :+1: :+1:

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Hey newplus_design!.
Thankyou for your valuable comment :slight_smile: . And yes i m using this from mobile.

Enjoy the exposure to your creativity from Fiverr. Great to have you.

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Thankyou sameed_webdev