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Made a gig request.. its "pending"

Gah! I need a 3D model created fairly fast. I put in a gig request but it went to pending. This is my first time requesting a gig so I’m not sure how long it will take. I took a peek around fiverr and couldn’t find any organic 3D modellers that can deliver within 1~2 days.

If anyone knows of someone please point me to them! I can 3D model as well. The topology doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t need texturing or UV mapping.

It can even be automatically generated (theres tons of photos) and I’ll clean it up myself. Non-commercial use.

High poly, low poly… whatever. Feel free to mix quads and tris. Be lazy, even leave holes in it if you like! As long as its reasonably easy for me (a professional) to clean up or remesh.

I just need the general shape of the object. It doesn’t need to be a perfect model. This is pretty easy work for any 3D modellers interested. Anyway if anyone knows of a gig that meets my needs, or if you yourself can do it send me a message and I’ll let you know the details / see the reference photos.

Hi ame :slight_smile:

This does beg the question…why don’t you just model it yourself? Oo

Alternatively, what is it you require to be modelled and what format do you require it in?


Candi x

Reply to @creativelycandi: Hello, I just read your reply now ( )

It doesn’t matter now but for sake of pure curiosity - I was modeling a birthday present for a friend composed of many parts but I got sick in the process and didn’t have enough time to finish it on my own before their birthday.

The pending gig did end up going through and I did end up hiring someone who made me a very crude model as requested. I cleaned it up and my friend got their present on time!

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Candi x