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Made a Gig with and extra, but the extra dind't appear on earnings

So, I’ve made a write Gig of $20 + a extra addon of $5, after marked as delivered my earnings are just at $20, I think this is wrong, what I do?
Also: the client payed $32.72 for the gig (What I think is 25 for me and this extra 7.72 a fiverr tax)

Fiverr was showing this extra at different income.
When you check your earning list, there should be two earning at same time.
1 from your gig and other is from your extra.

My earning list only show 20$, looks, I dont know what to do, is my first gig

This is the gig

It is correct.

If what I see above concerning this order was you charged $25 - then Fiverr’s fee is $5 (20%) of the order, leaving you with $20 net profit.

Maybe the $32.72 was due to currency conversion?