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Made a mistake in buyer request

I gave my email address mistakenly in buyer request. Will I be suspended?

Maybe. If CS spots it.

But how does one mistakenly put email address?

Credit card number is 4657292912128393 and the CVC number is 728.


If the person reports you. It could potentially land you in hot :sweat_drops: water. Fiverr CS could take it as… You’re trying to offer services/payment OUTSIDE of Fiverr. You could contact CS to come clean, just so they could see you’re trying to be honest about the situation/mistake. :woman_shrugging:t4:


OMG. That is a 16 digit long number, and a 3 digit code!

I am now going to retire. Thank you!


Yes. Only two things you seem to forget…

Month and year of expiry :stuck_out_tongue:

only 7862 combination (3 years Ă— 12 months)

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The worrying thing is that SOMEONE will think those are real details and try and guess the expiry date!

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