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Made a very late reply to my first potential customer. What should I do?

So I admit I am still very noobish to Fiverr, and after a long while of not getting a sale, a potential buyer sent me a message, saying that he liked my art and asked if I do bulk orders. However, it was 14 hours ago that I noticed his message and sent and replied to him; and I have still not heard back. And now I admit I’m rather worried that only that I may not hear back from him, my reputation may have been damaged since my average response time publicly says “14 hours”- even though that guy was the first potential buyer I ever had. What should I do?


All you can do is hope the prospective buyer will be back since he likes you art.

Also, read this to get your response time lowered.


Same thing happened to me with my first “non buyer request” buyer. I answered 21 hours later. THE day I was too busy to answer fast is THE day I’ve received my first message, lol. In my case he did answer back and placed an order.

Don’t get discouraged by this, you can decrease your average response time by answering faster to futur messages. I went from 21h to 8h after a couple of messages. So you can totally recover from this. The Fiverr app really helped me with that since I can respond even if I’m not on my computer.

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I feel better already from the encouraging words, thanks! One thing though: suppose someone sends me a message late at night while I’m still in bed? In fact, it was around 4 am at night when that potential buyer first sent me that message. What should I say to the next potential buyer if something like that ever happens again?

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Same thing was happended with me but the sad news is that my client was not come back:)

Hope it will not happen with you :heartpulse:

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Fiverr gives you 24 hours to respond. Try not to get Response Time and Response Rate mixed up.

Read this:
Understanding response time & response rate

Responsiveness refers to the tracking of a Fiverr seller’s response rate (what percentage of inbox messages you reply to within twenty-four hours) as well as your response time (how quickly you respond to a new request in your inbox). Replying within 24 hours is necessary for your response to be tracked. Response time is based on the last 60 days of a seller’s activity and tracks the amount of time it takes for a seller to respond when they receive an inbox message. Response time tracks all responses, not just the first message from the buyer.