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Made it back to the first page!

So, I’d been on the first page for all of my gigs (podcast editing and VOs) within a few months of starting on Fiverr. And there I stayed until five months ago, when a series of mishaps in my life derailed my perfect ratings.

Delivered on time tanked first. At one point I was hovering around the 81% mark. Completion rate was around 91%. And even response rate had gone down.

I went from Level 2 to 0.

My gigs went to the last page of every keyword I’d used for them.

I stuck through the difficult times and focused on not missing any more deadlines.

AND NOW. My podcast editing gig is back on the first page! I’m ridiculously happy. I’m still not earning half of what I was making in September, but just seeing the gig make its way back to where it belongs brings me a lot of relief.

I’m up for a level increase this month (unless something goes wrong), and then one more month till Level 2.

After this I’m going to just push on ahead and hope I can get back on track to my income goal as new clients start finding me again.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE (15th Feb): Just got LEVEL ONE again. Woot!


For one to rise up, someone else has to fall.


I hope it stays there a long time for you.


I got curious and just watched the first one of your videos on your profile :slight_smile:

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Nice working

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You mean you stayed on the last page for 5 good months… Wooow, I have a long way to go

Just 3 months on last page, feels like end of time

Tried classified ads, try to get more clients outside Fiverr and more still not cutting it

5 good months… God


I actually lost my levels 3 months ago, and that’s when I ended up on the last page. It was inevitable since I was missing deadlines left and right. Completely deserved it. :sweat_smile:

May I ask what particular thing did you do to get your gigs back on first page

Of course, due to one or 2 things that cause the gig to be dropped to last page

So I believe there should be something you’ve done to that gig to bring it back to first page or away from the last page?

Can you please let us know

Did you change tags? Or SEO what exactly


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Well, after I lost my levels, I first focused on getting my stats back in line. That meant getting delivered on time and order completion back over 90%. Once that happened, I refreshed my tags, so that my page was reevaluated by the algorithm and placed at a new spot. This got me a few pages up from the last one. The final thing I focused on was completing as many orders as I could - which meant taking smaller and cheaper orders than I usually would - since that showed regular activity on my gigs. It stands to reason that gigs that get more order will automatically rank better, than ones that have stagnated a bit.
Hope that helps!


How Can I Gets My gig On First Page??

There’s no quick way. You keep delivering on time and refreshing your tags every few months. My post isn’t about how to get to the first page, but about how I’m bouncing back from being pushed to the last page.


Thanks for sharing, I have gone trough a similar period myself (degraded from Level 1 to Level 0) and got almost 0 orders in 2-3 months. But orders are coming back little by little, you need to be persistent and try different stuff.

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