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Made Level 1 Seller In 1 Month......With More Than 120 Orders!


Hello Fellow Fiverrs, I just got lifted to level 1 and am i glad!! I feel I should say this; money can be made in fiverr. I have made some good income from this platform; easily and all within a short duration. Now, I have even better opportunity to make more.

Making 120 orders might not be a big deal to many; but I found it encouraging that as a newbie here; green to the teeth; I was still able to find my way around. i encourage all newbies to hold on tight. Things will sure turn right.

Be happy with me!! :slight_smile:


Thanks dear!!! I sure hope so…and so.


Looks like you have some very neat offers.


@voiceoverwork :I am beginning to think so too.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!


@ceceliavo: Thanks and congrats on making level 2. =D>


120 orders i havent got 120 views to all my gigs


Great job, Jennifer.


Agreed! Confidence is keyyyy~~~


So, now you gotta try for Level 2, all the best!


WOW! That was fast. :slight_smile:

You require 50 orders for level 2 so you’re going to be level 2 automatically after a month. Good job


Way to go! Keep a 100% gig rating and you’re due for another level-up in a few weeks :slight_smile:


Nice going and you said it exactly right - there is always money to be made from good service and hard work.


Thanks all as you comments and joy on my behalf did brought joy to my heart. You all are the best.


congrats jennifer, love hearing success stories.


@jayapatel: Thanks a mil. I am hoping for better and more sales not that I got a level.


Congrats @jennifer_cork!


Thanks @hotwebideas


Congrats @jennifer_cork! You have completed more order than I have in 4 months.



@kim_talented : Really?! Thanks dear. Maybe because my gigs are of everyday demand. Just checked out your gigs. Thats some great skills. More power to your elbows.