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Made Level 1 today, but I can't find my gig anywhere


Hi All. I made it to Level 1 today! Thing is, I can’t find my gig anywhere? What happened? How do I correct this?

Thanks for your help! CJ


Hi cjskye … Me Too. My gig is not showing up in the search under Appsheet or Bubble. This happened after I received an email from Fiverr about being a Level 1 seller.




Congratulations for Level 1


I put in a help desk ticket to Fiverr. I hope I hear something positive in a day or so.


Thank you. I hope you are doing well, too.


Thanks Cjskye.



congratulations to you


Congratulations for level 1 seller…


Congratulations for reaching level 1 :slight_smile:
Hope the issue gets resolved soon.


execellent! Can I know how any days it took ?


Did you edit your gig? If not please contact cs with details.


contact cs. if you didn’t edit your gig.


your take test. i think its help to rank your gig. Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Congrats! Keep the good work

I’m facing a similar issue. I would like you to tell us what the support told you about this problem.