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Made Level 1 today in 30 days!(Case Study Updated)


I have been enjoying fiverr for the past month and hope this momentum continues. I would like to open this discussion up to the fiverr forum to discuss GiG strategies that are working and not working. I am writing a quick case study that I will edit to this later.

So everyone can become Level 1 and beyond…


Well, you can beat the ROI if you also add in the value of your TIME.

However, if they’re forums you would care to frequent anyway, than the time investment is actually a positive one.


Thank you both

@jbadrawings Looks like you found what works for you and cute drawings btw… =D>

Like cricket, this “game” is multi-faceted and sometimes the winning strategy is not just about scoring runs. Level 2? No sense in waiting, I’ll take the stairs. :smiley:

@anarchofighter For me, forum work(while old method) is very effective when you do it right and you can’t beat the ROI. :wink:


Thanks for the case study. I find it great that you used one of my favorite methods. And you did it right, forum work.


Wow, that sounds like hard work. . . :wink: Fascinating to read about, really, but it’s a bit like someone explaining the laws of cricket to an Icelander, with me playing the Icelander :wink: Congrats on your level 1, level 2 will be forthcoming soon I bet.


Case Study Updated…


{Case Study Update}

Let me first start by saying, I am a computer geek and I created GiGs that reflect my skills.

The two GiGs that made me Level 1 are ‘Wordpress Landing Page’ and ‘Teespring Design Kit’. (View my profile to see GiGs)

After I created GiGs, I wanted to start with FREE Traffic, so I began the promotion and the First Place was right here.

I submitted a couple here and I try to spread them out, so as not to SPAM the forum…

2nd thing: was to submit all GiGs to search engines, mass pingers and directories(free)

3rd thing: I picked Teespring and WP lander GiGs and began promoting them on niche forums. NO, I did not just spam my link…

I signed up to the forums in the GiGs target market and I created a signature on my profile with link to fiverr gig(“I will xx for $5” as link text). I would introduce myself to forums, then just reply to post with that I felt I could provide some input. If I couldn’t provide anything, I would find someone that I agrees with and quote them with my 2 cents. I usually do about 10-20 post at first signup on 3-5 ACTIVE forums and them about 3-5 per day but that can depend on time and number of forums I have to post on.

4th thing: I took to social media and created a FB fanpage with all my GiGs posted on the wall.

I searched for target market fanpages and posted on the walls as my newly created page. I would post a catchy one liner that was relevant and then GiG link.

Once FB populates the post with title, pic, etc. I post it to wall.

Search thru the other post on the wall or post by others and ‘Like/Comment’ as FB page.

Finally: I went back into this forum and commented/posted my GiGs with users offering to post GiG for free.

The entire process took about one night but I worked till the sun came up. That is only because I am a big geek. :slight_smile:

I started seeing sales the next morning and after completing a couple orders with positive ratings, I noticed my GIGs rising in the ranks and traffic from fiverr increasing.

I know these are not new and exciting marketing tips, they are what worked for these GiGs and it’s not always about the action, but the fact that you TAKE ACTION.


Welcome to the LEVEL club :slight_smile:


Thank you, I am looking for that Gold Star someday soon. :slight_smile:

Would you like to offer some ‘Top’ knowledge and tips?


Tristan, I’d love to see some videos on your best/most popular gigs.

I’d love to see items in your portfolio. So even if the landing page you offer is HTML/CSS/PHP etc. Go ahead and take a screen shot of it. attach that upon delivery and ask your folk to include the image (at their discretion and your pleasure) with their positive feedback.

Clearly the next phase for you will be to add your gig extras. Think about them carefully. I’d sooner max out gig extras than gigs in my portfolio. Consider taking some of your Evergreen gigs that aren’t selling and make them unadvertised bonuses when you deliver you actual service/gigs that are selling

Use them as “ethical bribes” to get feedback.




@anarchofighter makes some great points. One or two of your gigs might be a good extra for another gig. And you get more than 5 for it as an extra.


congratulation, Welcome to level 1 club friend.