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Made my first Sale


I have made my First sale!!! I am feeling top of the world right now!!!
now I am doing vector tracing…I have a good experience on whiteboard animation and graphic design.
I want to open more gigs.what would be the best gig for me?


To be completely honest, only you know what the best gigs to offer are. Always posts services for skills that you are good at completing. You, however, need to a a great deal of self-assessment to figure this out. Every seller is different, and every seller has different skills they can offer.


Thank you so much…I am confused between Whiteboard animation & logo design…
Can I open more than 2 gigs now as I am a new seller?


Certainly. You are not restricted to only one gig. :slight_smile:


That’s Great…Thank you so much…


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: