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Made My First Sale!


YAY! I finally made my first sale on Fiverr! Probably the best feeling in the world! It feels great to know that someone wanted your product, was willing to pay money for it and actually enjoyed it! This post may seem a bit pointless but it does have some usefulness behind it!

To everyone who hasn’t made a sale yet on Fiverr DO NOT give up! You may feel unmotivated due to the fact no one has bought your product but it takes time. Try and keep interested in Fiverr, check your gigs a couple of times a day to keep involved. Just don’t give up because one day you will get a sale and feel like I do now believe me! The main thing is motivation and belief that you will sell a gig. In the end you will!


Check out my gigs and Fiverr page at


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah! It’s great! I want to get another, it’s like an addiction, I can’t stop checking Fiverr incase somebody else has ordered! You’re a Top Seller though so surely it’s easier to get noticed?! Ahh someone else hurry up and order! :wink:


Awesome! The first step is always the hardest! Now it only get’s easier and better!


A first taste! Good luck!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you!


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah well obviously you’ve put in a lot of effort to become a top seller so I’m not taking anything away from you there! Yeah it’s frustrating but still a great feeling. See this is why I love the Fiverr community. everybody is so helpful as they all know how it felt to start out too. Thank you for the support!


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thank you for the support!