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Magic pill for success!

What is the shortcut of success?
You can spend your whole life by Googling but you won’t get any.
So crazy, so called viral YouTuber are always waiting for such folks who are looking for the shortcuts.
If you don’t improve your skill and communication, failure will be your only friend no matter how much viral videos (success in 5 minutes) you have watched.
Buyer doesn’t want tricky sellers, good communication, skills and loyalty that’s the only requirements from your buyer.
Stop blaming and comparing yourself with others.
Stay focused, stay hungry, keep developing yourself.


It’s somewhat true. No Youtuber can help you if you are not willing to work hard. Also, it’s true that many sellers lose their position in Fiverr due to lack of communication and correct English. I think that’s what people should search on YouTube rather than those shortcuts.


So true. Appreciated…

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Thanks my friend for your support

I believe that the strength of a salesperson depends on the quality of their products, not on their knowledge of the language. Google translator handles this.
And the ability to communicate with the client too. +