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Mail notifications not working?

Today i stopped receiving notifications by email, someboy has the same problem?? is an issue of fiverr system?

same here… I hope I didn’t miss any of my notifications in the bubble. :frowning:

me too…

I realized this for me too a little while ago. My email address is correct, and I was getting notices before, so I don’t know why I am not getting notifications now.

with me started today, and is really a problem, because some users does not send you messages, just post an update in the orders and if i dont receive it by email sometimes i miss them… And buyers go upset :confused:

I really dislike Fiverr’s message/notificaton system compared to the old one. The old one I never missed a message. With Fiverr 2, it is a common thing.

i have tried to withdraw money to my paypal account but i didn’t recieve the email confirmation

i’m very bored now :frowning:

i hope that fix soon

Reply to @bestonlineworke: oops that is a problem, if any messages are working nobody will be able to withdraw :o

I tried 3 times to withdraw money today and didn’t get a notification so that I can send it to my bank acct. Ugh!!!

Maybe fiverr spent all our money and then deactivated the withdraw process until they can save up again to pay us :open_mouth: LOL… just kidding, hope no one takes it seriously. Ha!

same here I connect my payoneer account yesterday so I try to withdraw today for the first time.I can see "Withdrawal Completed Successfully " on my Revenues page

but there isn’t any email yet

please help me !!

this is my very first Withdrawal