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MailChimp access

I am the buyer and understand that I need to give the seller access to my MC account, but am not willing to give them my personal login information. There has to be a way around this. I understand their frustration in me not giving them this info so they can complete the task as promised. It’s not a huge job and I will not give them a bad review due to my misunderstanding. I also realize that trading emails is against the rulers, but not if it is required to complete the job. I think this qualifies. I am new here and I guess I missed something. Can anyone advise?

This may help - different user levels in mail chimp, so you can create an account for your seller:

Hope the link’s allowed BTW!

You can give email details etc. on the order page if your job requires it.


I know how to do it, but I need the seller’s email address to add them to my account. They keep asking for my login information. I am not giving that information out to anyone. If I loose my $$, lesson learned.

I can see why the seller would be unwilling to give you their email address in the same way you don’t want to give them yours.

Somehow you’ve got to find a compromise or the seller won’t be able to do the job you want to pay them for.

Could you setup a throwaway Gmail account or something for the seller just so they can complete the task for you?

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I’ll wait and see what their solution is. That is a good idea, but I hate having random email addresses floating around. I can’t be the fist person to ask this.