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Mailing my buyers

Greeting oh wise and all knowing Fiverr Forum.

I have a question…

I have upgraded my studio (I’m a voice over) and I was wondering if I could mail all my buyers in one go letting them all know or would I have to send a mail to each of them one by one?

I look forward to hearing from you.


this would be considered spam if you are not directly answering their questions to you about a gig.

You can contact them by going to your contacts and messaging them or sending them an offer one by one letting them know that you have some new gear and a better service for them. There is nothing wrong with that, however, there is not a way to send them all a message at the same time. I have looked for this myself. Just messaging one by one for now. Best wishes and congrats on the upgrade.

Thank you. I had a feeling I’d have to do it 1 by one, Looks like its going to be a long day in the studio tomorrow with some major keyboard bashing going on.

I agree with misscrystal and would not suggest this. If a buyer blocks you for spamming you could face some trouble, but the risk is up to you. Best of luck.

I wouldn’t do it, it’s spammy. Plus I believe if you mail too many people in a certain time frame (I don’t know what that is), Fiverr will lock down your inbox to investigate or something. So, bad idea, all in all, since you won’t be able to respond to regular requests and your treasured response rate will sink like a stone.

Just mention it in your gig and in the normal course of communications. Think about it this way: if I sent you an email telling you that I had upgraded my writing tools, would you really care? I realize this makes a much bigger difference in a studio with regard to the quality of your offerings, but still–it’s not something you need to bother people about who aren’t already actively considering you for whatever project they have going on. That’s why it’s spammy.

Wise, I didn’t consider that, nice tip!

It’s against the terms of service. People have their ability to send anyone messages or even respond to messages blocked by doing this.