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Main site script issues?


What’s up with the main site today, it doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly. looks like script issues? :frowning:


Here’s what it looks like as well, can’t load anything, just idles when you select anything, I can’t even check if one of my gigs has been ordered and I’m pretty sure it has :frowning:

LOL I can’t even tell if it sent the screenshot correctly, all I see is the search bar and fiverr forum, oh dear, I hope this gets sorted ASAP!


Anyone else having issues, I’ve tried 4 different browsers and my mobile browser, it’s even worse on the mobile, doesn’t even load the main page, is this maintenance, the devs playing silly buggers or a serious hack?

  • I just installed the app and can get on, at least that’s something but still, so annoying! :frowning:


All good for now, seems to be functional again that was seriously annoying though, I was about to offer my help to fix it LOL :slight_smile:


I cant upload my files to deliver either. Its not working. It does not give me the option/button to attach files when i click on the Deliver function. What is going on. My deadline is lurking on my head and i have to deliver to the client asap.

Anybody else facing the same issue? Fiverr admins please resolve this issue immediately


I am surprised how come its working for you? If this was a site specific issue, it should not work for anyone at all. How come its working for some and not working for others? Really confusing.

What is really irresponsible, is the fact that their support services have not informed any of their users about this major technical fault, nor have they put it up as a notice on the fiver website.


Dunno if I had the keys to the kingdom I would tell you? Who knows, they could have been hacked for all we know, you’d be surprised at how many sites get hacked and they never mention a thing to keep people calm, it’s more common than you think, the whole silence is golden, ignorance is bliss thing and all :slight_smile:


Reply to @faridjilani: I think that’s a major issue they’re trying to fix, I’ve seen others complaining about it as well, strangely enough that seems to work for me, well I assume it is, it may not be actually sending anything? LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think Fiverr must be employing some of the sellers on here to do their coding, think they may need to look elsewhere? That’s a joke btw…to a degree…:stuck_out_tongue: