Maintain 4.8 Ratings is not easy so How many Seller thinks Fiverr have to change their Rating system


I’m thinking to Quit Fiverr, Becoz Even one Buyer gives you negative Feedback you will be demote to Level 1. I’m still working hard to maintain Level 2 sellers, I thinks they have to change theirs rules even 4.5 star ratings is good.

Let me know How many Sellers Views on that issue.


Its really very tough to maintain a 4.8 rating. i believe Fiverr should think about it.


I think they have to decrease there ratings …May be 4.5 star or 4.2 Stars And One more things we don’t know how they calculate Ratings Factors…Recently one Buyer Post Negative Feedback on my gig and you know i also devote to level1 seller


It’s not that hard. 4.5 is way too low. 4.8 is just perfect in my opinion (I hope that you are kidding with 4.2 though).


With One Negative Feedback, You can’t maintain 4.8 ratings. (4.2 ratings is just my opinion)


they have changed a lot
So i never think