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Maintain a 4.7 star rating, over the course of 60 days

What do Your think about “Maintain a 4.7 star rating, over the course of 60 days”?
What is “0 :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :green_square: :white_large_square:5” with this rating bar?

Please help

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I think you should do just that – maintain a 4.7 star rating over the course of 60 days. Failing to do so will keep you from being promoted to the next highest seller level, and could result in a demotion from any of those higher levels. Fiverr is encouraging sellers to be great. Achieving the metrics Fiverr has established – including a 4.7 or higher rating – is one way you can work towards being a great seller.


I have the same issue. It’s on the Analytics page.
I have a perfect 5-star rating maintained still I’m seeing the same rating bar.

“0 :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :white_large_square: :green_square: :white_large_square:5”

Also, the Rating checkbox is greyed out (indicating that 4.7 average is not maintained, which is false in my case). Is this a bug?

It might just be that the stats will update tomorrow sometime (eg. tomorrow morning), since it might not be counting today’s reviews yet. So I’d see what it shows tomorrow when you reload the page.

it means at least maintain the 85% of your gig includes orders completion,on time delivery and response time.All in all you need to maintain the 4.7 rating.