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Maintain your positive rating to get more order


when i was new on fiverr i did not know about positive rating. in real positive rating is very important for new seller. if your positive rating become less than 90 then you did not send offers and if you did not send offers then you did not get more orders. my advice is for new seller please maintain your positive rating and satisfy your customer.


Your beautiful advice brought a tear to my eye! sniff


thank you very much


Bro, I left my account for 6 months. Now I have come back here. I send buyer request and also got an order. Buyer reviews my gig 2.7. And it shows in my profile that my positive rating is 2.7.
And also I need at least 90 % to get buyer request. So, what should I do now to increase positive rating. Please help. Thanks in advanceā€¦


This is 2 years later! The OP appears to no longer have a Fiverr account.

@hasan2093 If you want help you need to create your own topic.


Thank you for good advice.


Thanks for your advice.


Thanks for valuable adviceā€¦That means I have to create more gigs.


thanks for this information


Great advice. Thanks my bro.


At last I have gotten a positive rating(5*) for a few days. After three days I got 3rd job by buyer request and a custom order. I have completed his job, duly submitted. But buyers have no response for revisions and amount was credited in my account. Before clearing pending days(13 days), he was cancelled his order and get me (1*) reviews. For that I have not get apply any buyer request and custom offer. Please say, how may I will improve my my ratings.